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Geography/Cities: In Greece there were mountains and there was also the Mediterranean Sea to the south. The mountains gave them protection, and they divided them. The seas gave them water and better fighting advantages. The cities were located near the Gulf of Corinth and in the Balkan Peninsula. Most of them were near seas.

Class Divisions: their citizenship helped them by member ship of a political community who will treat each other equals and they are all treated all the same these citizens could meet at the angora and pace laws and can defend them selves in court and had there own property and they could vote for who they want for a leader in Greece they could defend them selves and was much different and more far then the Egyptian. In Egypt it wasn't as fair because they did not have any rights. To be a citizen you needed to be free and a native man who had their own land.

Art: One of the style of art is a sculpture they would build sculpture of their gods they also made paintings of people and gods they mostly did painting of the gods that they believed in they also made coloms for their gods and kings and they supported buildings. Epics are battles about fake things, like the Trojan War for example. I feel like it had impacted on there style because it gave them ideas for graves and it helped them build houses because they came up with coloms for the buildings. It spread to every where people around the globe used the art and how it spread was they told people and people came and they found out and then they used it and also because of Hellenistic Era they see and then used the art as well

Organized government: direct democracy is when all citizens share in running for the government. Representative democracy is when they are elected officials representing a group of people. Tyranny means when someone takes power by force and rules with authority. Oligarchy means that only a few people hold power. The con for oligarchy was that foreign visitors could not come into the city and the citizens were banned to travel aboard. A pro is citizens helped develop rules for the city. And the Spartans fell behind because they were training their military instead of focusing on Greek Trades. Democracy's pro is the citizens get too choose who their leaders are and can make the leader feel that he has to make his/her citizens happy a con for democracy is it can take a large amount of time to develop laws. Athens in 600 B.C. was an oligarchy but then Athenians began to rebel agings he nobles in 500 B.C. they became more of a democracy. The united states is a democracy

Religious: The Greeks believed in gods and goddesses and all he goddesses lived on the tallest mountain called Mount Olympus and the Greeks believed that some gods could throw lightning and most gods could do amazing things. They worshiped the gods and built status of them and would make paintings and buildings of them to worship them and the gods and goddesses gave them.

Writing system: γεια μου όνομα είναι Κτίστης. That means hi my name is Mason


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