Snow Buddies four-legged friends have fun in winter weather

Cosmos the Husky

"He was extremely happy about the snow and had to be dragged in when it was time to come inside. He also enjoy[ed] eating the snow!" Daniela Hernandez, 10

Finn the Golden Doodle

"Finn didn't like the snow at first, but after a few days, he would stay out in it longer. He even started burying his head in it." Kenzie Parker, 12

Squirrel the cat

"Squirrel was definitely not impressed and made it clear that he was an inside cat until further notice." Abby Elliott, 12

Casper the Beagle

"As you can see from Caspers face, he was not a fan of the snow. He did not want to go outside and all he wanted to do was sleep by the fire." Carla Dupree, Principal

Alex the Black Lab

"She literally laid down in the snow and just took it all in. She didn't really play and the only reason she's standing in the picture is because I made her." Assad Malik, 12

Lincoln the Chihuahua-Weenie mix

"My dog Lincoln had never really seen that much snow so his first time out he didn't really know how to act. He started to hop around in the snow because he was too short to walk around, and then after awhile, he would beg to go outside and hop around." Caden Rainwater, 12

Max the Double Doodle

"Max didn't know what to think of the snow at first, but then he ran like he was being chased until we made him come in. I made a little snowman and he ate the head off of him!" Austin Barwick, 9

Potato the rescue pup

"Potato loved [the snow]. The second she got out there she went crazy running in circles nonstop. She would eat the snow and even try to dig her self under it. The hardest part was trying to get her back inside." Keilie Lyons, 11

Carlee the Corgi

"They really enjoyed the snow. To be frank, it was their first real snow, and like us, they had no idea what to do with it. When we let them out, they would want to play in it and often refused to come inside. Once it had stopped snowing, it had gotten to the point where it was up to their faces. It was hilarious watching them move around in it because of how short they were, they hopped around like fuzzy dolphins." Emilee Herrington, 12

Belle the Terrier mix

"Despite my dogs old age, she acted like a puppy running in the snow. She bolted from one end of the yard to the next with the biggest smile on her face." Peyton Sims, 12

Peter the feline

"Peter loved staying by the fire inside and thats about it. The snow wasn't for him." Macy Maynard, 10

Wilson the Black Lab

"Wilson's favorite thing to do was eat mouthfulls of snow. He was more interested in eating it than playing in it." Graci Henard, 12

Presley the Mini-Aussie

"Presley absolutely loved the snow! Our other dog, Harley, however was not a fan of the snow and Presley would chase him around the yard for hours. It was very entertaining!" Leila Kenny, 11

Ziggy the Standard Poodle

"I thought Ziggy was going to love the snow since he's so playful, but he found it unappealing. We had to shovel him out a place to use the bathroom because he wouldn't step in the snow unless there was already a path." Lia Grahm, 12

Quincy the Yorkie

"his was the first time I had seen Quincy in snow, and he didn't like it at all. We were in the shallow part of the snow, but further in the yard, the snow was so tall that he could barely walk in it. It was kinda funny watching him be frustrated in the snow." Bethany Arnold, 11

Mocha the Yorkie-Chihuahua mix

"This was Mocha’s first time ever seeing snow so it took her atleast the first day to want to go outside. After she got used to it, she ran around the whole backyard and tried to dig through it. Since she’s so small, she couldn’t even see over the snow so she had to jump instead of walk. It was cool to think about how tiny they are and what their eye level would be. For the most part, though, I don’t think Mocha liked it." Kenzie Jones, 10

Miley the Yorkie

"This wasn't the first time Miley has seen snow, so she wasn't hesitant to dive in face first. Since she is tiny, she could barely see over the snow, so she had to bunny-hop around. It was very entertaining to watch her full of joy." Kenzie Jones, 10

Cinnamon the Red Lab/Pit mix

"Cinnamon loves playing in the snow so much. She’s always loved chewing on ice too, so once she went outside and saw this powder ice falling from the sky, she would just stuff her snout into the snow and take huge bites. She would also just spend hours licking the ice. There would be times when my brother would go out to play in the snow, and she would be left inside, so she would just cry and cry until someone let her out so she could play in the snow with him." Julia Ryden, 11

TC the rescue cat

"TC was more interested in sleeping by the window than actually venturing into the snow. The minute I put him down into the snow, he meowed disapprovingly, so I took one picture and put him back on his sleeping chair." Graci Henard, 12

Gypsie the Blue Heeler

"Gypsie acted pretty indifferent to the snow. She only wanted to be outside when we were outside. The very last day, when the weather started to warm up, she started rolling in the snow because her coat is so thick." Sophie Spakes, 12

Beardog the Rottweiler-Husky mix

"We were really surprised at how much he liked it. He's such a diva when it comes to his paws getting wet, which it why it was so funny to see him having the time of his life in the snow, even laying down in it. We had to make him come inside" Maddie Frost, 11

Sheba and Scout the Border-Collie mixes

"My dogs Scout and Sheba really enjoyed the snow as much as my family and I did. They chased each other and played around till the flat white surface was kicked up by their paws. Watching these two play, wrestle, and even eat the snow was the best part of being snowed in." Madison Freeman, 11