Nevada Legalized Recreational Marijuana The Facts

As many of you know Nevada voters passed the recreational marijuana use law that was on the Nevadan’s ballots in the beginning of November. The new law passed almost by a 10 percent margin in the state. The use of the herb has long been a subject of debate, in the state, with many groups arguing for and against it.

High quality home grown marijuana next to a mason jar lid.

The new law will allow marijuana retailers to sell to anyone who is 21 years of age or older. It also allows for any adult 21 or older to legally grow up to 6 plants for personal use, although the growing must be done out of sight.

A recreational marijuana user loads and smokes marijuana from his water pipe in the security and privacy of his home garage dawning Deadpool attire.

In Washoe County alone there may be up to 20 marijuana stores after the law was passed. Legal recreational marijuana stores will be able to open on January 1, 2017 at earliest pending their licensing process has been completed. Washoe County residents passed the law by almost 8%.

View of down town Reno, the main population center of Washoe County.

Silver State Relief is currently licensed to sell marijuana to patients with medical cards but will be one of the first to be licensed to sell recreational marijuana to of age users. Silver State Relief is also the first marijuana store in the county to deliver the product to the consumer.

Silver State Relief medical marijuana store located in the industrial area of Sparks.

Close up of Silver State Relief logo and sign.

This recreational user, who choose to remain anonymous for obvious reasons, noted that the new law would not likely have any effect on his recreational use of the plant. He did however note that the ability to purchase, transport, carry, and consume the plant legally would be all around beneficial to his life style.

Recreational marijuana user preparing his water pipe bowl.

According to the Associated Press, Nevada could see upwards of 3.300 stable jobs once the industry is in full swing by 2024 in addition to medical marijuana patients not needing to wait weeks for prescriptions.

Close up of home grown marijuana buds with keefe and crystals.

Photos taken by Jacob Herrick-Sovey

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