Exploration 1 Avery hill

Topic 1: The way the film industry uses movies to shine a light on difficult/controversial topics. In the last 10-15 years the film industry has upend it's game when it comes to making movies about difficult topics. These movie topics include bullying, child abuse, rape, and racism. These movies depict things that are usually otherwise uncomfortable to confront. The film industry does this to enlighten the audience on these issues.

One specific movie that does this is Short Term 12. This film includes stories of both rape and child abuse. The way it depicts these issues is cautious yet powerful. It leaves it's audience with an insight that lets them see just how these things can affect a person's mental and emotional health. Which is exactly what it was made to do.

Topic 2: How romantic movies set an unrealistic expectation for real life relationships. Almost every romantic movie in the history of movies has ended with a near perfect ending resulting in a love filled happily ever after. Yet we know this isn't how real relationships work. Ever since the beginning of romance movies this is how its been. When you're growing up and watching these movies you tend to actually believe this is how it works. Not until you're older and less naive do you realize that relationships don't always work out like they do in the movies. However, here we are still making romantic movies with happily ever afters.

One of the most popular romantic movies of all time is The Notebook. This movie shows the life of a young couple that fall in love and live amazing lives to then die of old age together holding hands. Cliche am I right?

Topic 3: The popularity of human torture films. Movies that involve some aspect of human torture seem to be popular now a days. Something about the gore and horror tend to draw in an audience and keep them entertained. Some of the movies range on the higher end of IMDb's movie ratings.

I Spit on Your Grave is an example of a human torture movie. In the film a girl is raped by multiple men at one time and she decides to get her revenge by torturing each and every one of them in similar ways that they hurt her. The movie is very gruesome and very violent. Which I guess is why some people enjoy it.

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