The Journey to his Parents By Derlennys Oyola

Once there was a snowflake named Gorge. Gorge lives in a glacier he's 123bc old. Gorge was an idiot. He always claps his hands and say

"Ah huh ah huh". He never had a normal life. Gorge don't have parents he's an orphan. All the bullies pick on him but, Gorge always answer them this say

"Ah huh ah huh"

One day at class, Gorge melted and turned into vapor the middle of science he said " Wha what's happening?"

"Don't you listen in class today, your evaporating. " the bully answered

" Oh yeah, I'm such an idiot" Gorge replied

" I think we all know that." A girl named Avie also replied

"Oh wait I'm not it was just my imagination."Gorge said scarily

"Just wow." Avie mumbled

800 years later Gorge was walking home. He started to melt for real now. He turned to a snowflake to a water droplet like sublimation.

"Oh no my beautiful face, I mean my handsome face" Gorge scream.

Gorge also was starting to evaporate. "Shhhhhhhh"

"Why is it so hot?" Gorge cried. Gorge started to float into the sky. Gorge scream along the ride to the sky like he was Kevin in home alone.

"Wait I might can find my parents!" He yelled excitedly.

Then he started to sing I believe I can fly. But really he's just floating up into the sky.

"My wish has come true!" Gorge yelled. Then Gorge saw a mysterious thing. Just to let you know it's was a cloud.

Gorge started eating a cloud.

Not to long when he heard "rrrreeeee ouch!"

Gorge responded, " Who are you okay?"

"Well, your the one hurting-" someone cried

" I'm not hurting you I'm eating the cotton candy and now I'm hyper!" Gorge yelled

"Um okay, you probably new here" the cloud replied.

" What's your name?" Gorge asked.

"Actually my name is Cloud," Cloud answered.

Gorge started to condesened into a cloud. " Wait why am I cotton candy?" Gorge asked.

" Actually your a Cloud not cotton candy" Cloud replied

" Oh well, never mind" Gorge cried because he wanted to be cotton candy to eat himself.

Cloud took care of him for 400 years. Not to long when Gorge started to turn into a rain drop.


"Good bye my friend!" Cloud yelled. Gorge didnt care what he said so he said nothing back. He started to fall like precipitation. Gorge saw a big body of water called the ocean. Then he drop inside the ocean thinking his parents are there.

He yelled, " MOM! DAD! are you here!" He heard no response. At night Gorge fell asleep thinking about his parents but couldn't remember what they look like.

For 800 years he stayed in the ocean trying find his parents. But couldn't. So he evaporated and saw Cloud. " Cloud!" Gorge screamed. No response.

" Cloud?" Gorge asked. A cloud turn around it was Cloud

"Oh hello there little boy." Cloud whispered with a cracked voice.

"Stranger danger! stranger danger!" Gorge screamed like a girl. Gorge ran as fast as he can well, he's not running the wind is just blowing him to another place

Gorge stayed up in the sky for 200 years. All alone. Gorge fell in the lake. Pling! All of a sudden he heard " Hey isn't that Gorge?" Someone asked

''Yes he is!" some one else replied. Gorge ran to them.

"Gorge!" a women called.

"Um yes?" Gorge say while being confused.

"Don't you remember me, I'm your auntie, Clairea" Clairea say excitedly

" Well I'm your uncle Jordan!" Jordan responed

"Oh okay," Gorge answered.

"I'm trying to find my parents." Gorge continued talking.

"But right now I were gonna take care of you." Clairea and Jordan said together.

For 200 years Clairea and Jordan decided to move to the river and took Gorge with him. Gorge loved the living in the river. He loved to swim there and play there. He never wanted to move or leave. But he know he needed to evaporate into the sky.

Clairea and Jordan hated living in th river there wasn't enough room. So they took the subsurface train to the ground water city and stayed for 200 years. But didn't like it. Then moved back into the lake for 400. But didn't like it at all. But when they wanted to move they started to evaporate into the sky. The sky was a painting turned into real life. They loved living in the sky. They loved the breeze go into there face.

"Gorge?" Clairea wondered.

" Yes?" Gorge wondered too.

"If you can't find your parents I will be right here for you." Clairea answered.

"Ok." Gorge responed.

They lived there for 200 years. In one day they turned into a cloud to a snowflake like sublimation. Gorge notice he was falling into a glacier. He didnt want to go back because all the bullies were there. So he stayed in the dark just waiting to evaporate into the sky. While he stayed in the dark he heard people talking about him not something good, it was something bad. Gorge bang his head to wall waiting for the day to be over.

"Bang bang pong"

Then finally the day has come in 200 hundred years. He's going to move to the river! He packed his things as fast as he could and get moving to the river.

" I knew you loved it here so I wanted to move back for you can play" Jordan and Clairea whined.

"Thank you!" Gorge yelled. Gorge started to swim as fast as he could.

He lived in the river for 200 years. One day Clairea, Jordan, and Gorge started to evaporate into the sky like accumulation. Gorge was sad when he left the river. The river was a playground turn into a loving home.

"Uncle Jordan?" Gorge wondered.

"Yes?" Jordan asked.

"Will I ever find my parents?" Gorge asked. "I think you would" Jordan answered.

"Now get some sleep" Jordan continued talking.

"Okay!" Gorge screamed.

So Gorge stayed in the cloud for 200 years. Then they turned into a rain drop and drop into the river again. He was so happy that he started to jump up and down. Then he started thinking about his parents. Did they leave him or himself left them?

The one day in 200 years he went back to the clouds. He kept thinking of the same thing. He didn't talked to anybody for long time. He just went to happy and excited to unhappy.

For 600 years he kept thinking and thinking. The he turned into a snowflake. He started to run trying to find his parents. He look everywhere but there was not sight of his parents.

For 400 years he didn't find his parents. But he knew that he is going back to ground water and there he will find his parents there.

When he got there he started looking for his parents. But still no sight. It was a sad moment for Gorge. He thought he looked everywhere.

He looked for two years. He wanted to give up but he couldn't. So he went back the river and looked for 200 years.

"Slip slurp slip slurp"

"What is that noise" Gorge asked. The he found himself inside an animal! Gorge kicked the animal from the inside of it.

Gorge stayed inside the animal for 400 years when it finally peed. Gorge was in a familiar place. That he never went. It was the soil surface. All of a sudden he heard

"Gorge?!" A women yelled. She ran and hugged him. Also a man too.

"Who are you?" Gorge asked.

"Well were your parents" the women mumbled

"You are?!" Gorge say happily.

"Yes we are!" Gorge's mom yelled. I love you my baby boy" both of his parents say with joy.

"I'm happy we're all together" Clairea cried.

"Let's never leave each other ever again" Gorge cried.


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