Nic Marchesi, 21 years old and Lucas Patchett, 22 years old, are best mates and co-founders of not only Australia’s but the world’s first free mobile laundry service, Orange Sky Laundry. Being both caring and thoughtful people and captains together in high-school, they have always loved helping the community and got the idea of Orange Sky Laundry just after they had left school when they decided they still wanted to help the community (Chryssides, 2016). The song Orange Sky by Alex Murdoch meaning ‘helping your brothers and sister’ was a song they both enjoyed in school and inspired them to name their charity, Orange Sky Laundry. (Doherty, 2016)

From Queensland, using their old van in September 2014, they built their own laundromat helping the homeless around Australia to wash and clean their clothes. First being told it was impossible and had never been done before, Orange Sky Laundry have since rolled out eight major vans in different cities all around Australia. Even helping in Queensland when cyclones have hit the towns (Chryssides, 2016). Servicing over 62 locations and washing over 4.5 tonnes of clothing for the homeless in their vans each week (Doherty, 2016). Nic and Lucas are both full-time volunteers not earning a wage, running their charity entirely based on sponsors and donations they receive. Along with over 500 volunteers helping every fortnight to wash clothes and support those who may not be experiencing the same thing everyday people might be.

The most important thing is not just the washing machines and dryers they drive around in their vans, it is the genuine conversations they foster every week on the 6 orange chairs (Orange Sky Laundry, 2017). They talk to shy individuals who may not have had any contact with anyone for a couple of days or bring people to tears with excitement when the Orange Sky Laundry van arrives. Orange Sky Laundry and their volunteers have impacted and helped many homeless Australians and are benefitting someone’s life every day with just a washing machine and a great conversation (Chryssides, 2016).

Finding a way to treat others with the same respect they want to be treated with, Nic and Lucas have helped raise health standards and reduced the strain on resources (Australian Honour Roll, 2016). As well as, contributing and looking out for people who don’t get the same opportunities as the average Australian. All this being done through their charity, Orange Sky Laundry, they hope to support the homeless all around the nation and spread the positivity of community and improving the lives of others.


I believe Nic Marchesi and Lucas Patchett are modern day prophets for their charity service Orange Sky Laundry for many reasons. Thinking of this idea and taking the time to accomplish such a great non-profiting charity and giving, respecting the voiceless makes them a modern-day prophet. They work tirelessly for the poor expecting nothing in return being selfless in their mission to help others. On their journey of being a prophet of the poor, they talk and support the underprivileged all around Australia and hope to help outside of Australia one day. By having a heart and face of god for giving and sharing, I conclude Nic Marchesi and Lucas Patchett are modern day profits of our world today.


One of the Twelve Minor Prophets, Amos was an active prophet between 760-755 BC from a small town south of Jerusalem in the reign of Jeroboam II. Being a sheep herder and a sycamore fig farmer he claimed, “I am not a prophet nor a son of a prophet” (7:14), also claiming this made him a true prophet as he was not from the school of prophets. Amos was a brave, strong man and was very kind to his people. Equally troubled by the disparity between the poor and the wealthy he spoke the words of God. Against idol worship, corruption and slavery he preached ‘Let justice roll down like waters, integrity like an unfailing stream’. This statement is still an important part in our world today. As an act of mercy to the people who again and again shunned and disobeyed him, this is what God raised Amos the prophet to be.

Scriptures of Amos

Listen to this, you who crush the needy and reduce the oppressed to nothing, you who say, 'When will New Moon (a time like the Sabbath) be over, so we can sell our corn, and Sabbath, so we can market our wheat? Then we can make the bushel-measure smaller and the shekel-weight bigger by fraudulently tampering with the scales. (Amos 8: 4-5)

Hear this word, you cows of Bashan on Mount Samaria, you women who oppress the poor and crush the needy and say to your husbands, “Bring us some drinks!” (Amos 4:1)

There are those who turn justice into bitterness and cast righteousness to the ground. (Amos 5:7)

These pieces of scripture preached by Amos relate to my chosen modern day prophets because they both let their voices be heard for the same sanity. Nic and Lucas’ charity offers help for the homeless and the poor, they support them and provide them with the help they need. Amos did this but preached the differences between the poor and wealthy and the neglecting towards the poor. Social injustice is what my two prophets speak out about and these three scriptures demonstrate this very well. As the second example is talking about how the wealthy women and men “crush the needy” and the last scripture is expressing the wealthy turning justice into bitterness.


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