Canbury School Newsletter 22nd january 2021. issue 225

Dear Parents, Students and Staff

Well here we are at the end of another week. Congratulations everyone, you have all done a marvellous job - students, parents and staff. Never before has teamwork been the key to successful onward learning and good mental health. Keep talking to each other, keep looking out for each other, and keep making the most of this extra free time by exercising and getting plenty of sleep, fresh air and good food. None of these things will do us any harm at all.

A reminder we have Year 11 Parents Evening this coming Thursday from 5-7pm. Rather than be down at yet another on-line meeting, rejoyce that you won't need to come out of the house on a dark and cold winter's evening!

Routine Year 9 vaccinations took place in school this morning. The two nurses carrying out the vaccinations remarked on how warm and welcoming we were and what a lovely atmosphere there was about the place. Reminder to self - get them back when we're all back in the building. If they think we were welcoming today, wait until the whole Canbury family is back under one roof. My thanks to parents who took time out of their own busy juggling acts to bring students in at their allotted times before whisking them off again. It all went very well.

Kind regards

Ms Clancy


Year 7

Reenie, Sam S and Elizabeth for focused and outstanding work in wellbeing.

Sam T for making a good start on his work in wellbeing.

Here are the Y7s being socially engaged online during their group session with Ms Chorazyczewska. They discussed and made decisions together, agreeing on a game and making sure everyone had a chance to express an opinion. such happy faces.

Well done to William, Matthew and Alex for scoring over 250 points on Dr Frost Maths this week. Sam T also deserves recognition for his excellent understanding of how to find the midpoint of a line joining two points.

We know EVERYONE is on the edge of their seat waiting for an update on how the MICT competition this half term is going. So, drum roll please..... the top three in Year 7 from this week are Sam T, Alex and William.

Year 7 brought their pets to tutor time one day last week. How sweet is that?!

Year 8

Excellent equations work by all this week with special recognition to Thomas, Jessica and Angus for achieving the most points on Dr Frost Maths. Keep up the excellent work everyone.

The updated Year 8 MICT competition results are as follows: This week's top three in Year 8 are Thomas, Jessica and Olivia M. Special mentions should also be made to Chloe, Layla and Freddie this week.

Year 9

Orlanda for her wonderfully detailed sketch in Art this week.

Zac and Flora for their colourful portraits in Art this week.

Peter for producing his best ever piece of history work on the Transport Revolution, well done!

Excellent statistical work by all the Year 9 mathematicians this week. Well done.

Top of the Year 9 MICT competition this week are Adam, Orlanda, Ross and Anders. Well done everyone.

Year 10

Phoebe, Otti, Ain, Harry A, Alannah and Shaaiyon for the wonderful collection of photos taken in response to the ‘Me, Myself and Lockdown’ homework challenge.

Outstanding extended writing by Otti in English.

Harry L deserves a special mention for achieving over 400 points on Dr Frost Maths this week. Well done to Shaaiyon and Otti who managed 317 and 209 points respectively.

Excellent work from Otti in history on the Soviet takeover of Eastern Europe at the end of WWII.

Year 11

Max for a fantastic set of photos taken in response to the technique and photographer he has been investigating in Photography.

Max and Shiroxley for excellent history work on the strength of the Church on the eve of the Reformation.

And here's a picture of our Seb hard at work, under the watchful eye of Billie Eilish....

Excellent effort from Alex this week who has scored the most points of any student in the school on DR Frost Maths this week, with a whopping 423 points.

Harry B has done excellent work so far on Component 3 in BTEC Performing Arts this term. Well done Harry.

Year 12

Massive well done to Alex, James and Matthew in Year, who sat their Level 3 BTEC Travel and Tourism exam last week.

Year 13

More BTEC Level 3 congratulations go to Luca, Jasmina and Bailey who sat a mammoth three (yes, three!) hour exam (not including extra time!) on Monday. Fingers crossed for both groups.

Logan, Jessica and Adam: each represented a KS3 year in class today.

Danny La Rue comes to Canbury!

This week in the online Games and Quizzes Club Matthew T, Zac, Chloe and Flora had a game of virtual BINGO. The first to get a line was Matthew T, followed shortly by Chloe. House points were awarded for each BINGO line called and five house points given to the first to have a full house, which was Matthew T again! Well done everyone :). Mrs Rich says she needs to brush up on her knowledge of BINGO number names.

HOUSE! Matthew comes first.

If you would like to join next week just drop Mrs Rich an email, and she will add you to the Google Classroom. The Club starts at 1.00pm until 1.15pm, with the games varying each week and Mrs Rich being open to suggestions!

Inventive BTEC work continues at home.

Mr Barnes' Year 12 BTEC Sport group (Joe, Matt & Alex B) have been learning about the skeleton, so he set them the task of building their own skeleton out of stuff they have at home! Pretty inventive eh?

Phoebe and Harry battle it out in the movie quiz.

Wednesday lunchtime's social club saw Ms Chorazyczewska and Mrs Bowen join Phoebe and Ryan for some chit chat. In addition congratulations to Phoebe who was the victor in a movie quiz against Harry.

Words which lift our spirits (part 1)

We have been so delighted to receive words of encouragement and thanks for the work we have done in keeping on keeping on, that we thought we would share a few more of the messages with you. Thank YOU for cheering us on.

Thank you and to your team for your patience and hard work through all of this. We so appreciate it!

Canbury testing station is go

We had a very smooth roll-out of our lateral flow test programme on Wednesday. Ms Clancy says thanks to Mrs Damaa, Ms Mountain, Ms Boggi and Mrs Davies who are all already excellent pandemic officers. Quote of the day must go to Ms Boggi, who was heard telling a member of staff "the more gag the better" as she choked her way through the test.

And hold

Planks and press ups. PE at Canbury - we are developing our home gym routines nicely! Although Mr Barnes is not always sure everyone is doing their press ups as many times as they should - especially when they can't be seen!

Words which lift our spirits (part 2)

We really do believe the staff at Canbury have been phenomenal in ensuring the young people aren't missing any education, whilst still being realistic about the adaptations to lesson length and some timetabling to ensure learning is optimised for a different way of working.

We know that Canbury were a little bit ahead of many schools as they had put much in place for the last term of last year, but we are also aware that it is still much harder to plan and teach in this way and that there are still new difficulties to overcome that pop up, not helped by late Government announcements and a requirement to change plans at short notice.

Canbury Friday lunchtime catch up

From next Friday students will be able to "drop in" to a lunch-time catch up with friends and others in the school. Simply click on the Assembly Classroom link at the start of lunch and hey presto - your friends will be ready and waiting!

So instead of teachers telling you to 'mute your mic' as they are always doing in class and assembly, you will be able to chat away! Of course, it could all go smoothly or it could become a bit chaotic (but LOTS of fun!). Let's see how it goes. If everyone observes the golden rule of not eating when their mouth is full, we may have a chance....

House News

150 HP Achiever Blue badge - Reenie

200 HP Achiever Gold/Green badge - Matthew T

Don't forget the deadline for the great Canbury Bake Off is Tuesday 26th January at lunchtime. So far we have the following signed up: Angus, Seb, Felix, Matthew T, Mrs Veacock, Mrs Rich, Mr Bourgi, Mrs Bate and Mr Huw (who in a surprise move is not going for Welsh cakes but has instead opted for chocolate florentines).

What will YOU bake?

But we need more students to join in! There's still time to get involved. Just sign up on the google doc which was sent out and post up a picture of your fabulous creation by start of lunch Tuesday. If easier you can send a photograph of your finished product via email to Mr Bourgi. Winners will be announced on Tuesday afternoon.

Words which lift our spirits (part 3)

Thank you for lifting our children up and giving them a positive focus on this situation, and making them feel that all will be absolutely fine. Canbury absolutely smashed it in the spring lockdown - I've been going on and on to others about just how wonderful you've all been. Thank you for looking after our children and doing so much to keep them happy and in a consistent routine!

William's writing is "out of this world" says Mr Batten.

Year 7 students have been working on their descriptive writing in English. Mr Batten was so impressed with William's work he asked for it to go in the newsletter, so read on. Sadly it's not yet finished - William knows how to leave us hanging!

Dragonsai walked towards the dark and elegant spaceship which he’d called Dark Star. It was large and cast pitch black shadows on the smooth, grey and grim floor. The spaceship had a golden window which was like a sphere and was covered in a coat of hexagonal squares. Dark star glinted in the light morning sunlight, the coal-black panels catching its warm glare. On the side, Dark star had its name printed out in bold yellow letters. Dragonsai reached the door to the spaceship after climbing up five cold metal steps which creaked beneath him like ancient planks. The door was made of titanium and was painted a graceful amber. When he stepped inside there was a sudden flush of comforting coolness and the taste of light crisp, recycled air. The cockpit was as big as an ordinary small room and a snug chair stood in front of a steering wheel and an array of buttons in different shapes, colours and sizes. There was a nav and radar that looked very high-tech and was surprisingly satiny. Everything looked very new and the controls Dragonsai had designed so they weren't complicated [thank god he’s a spaceship designer]. The bedroom was alluring and was very modern and cosy. Its warm glow was surprisingly comforting and its light, creamy walls were exceedingly smooth. Back in the cockpit was a hatch which had a steel ladder, leading into a pit of delicate light. Dragonsai opened the hatch and heard the hard clang as it hit the floor. He climbed down swiftly and when he reached the bottom saw hefty crates scattered like ants when they were attacked. The crates stared expressionlessly at the solid, livid walls, casting thick, impenetrable shadows. At the end of the storage space was a powerful and firm door, enslaved in its metal frame. Past the door was the bridge which was a totally different atmosphere. Blue panels encircled the array of chairs, desks and computers and a massive

Clancy's Cookey Citchen is back for lockdown

Cooking in progress and the final result - yum yum!

And Ms Clancy has helpfully timed this next series for 3.45-4.45pm on Mondays - just in time for tea! Joining in is entirely optional. However if you do wish to join, you need to email Ms Clancy directly and she will send you the invite. Read on to see which ingredients and kitchen equipment you may need. Do seek permission from a responsible adult in your home before firing up the gas or switching on the electric and don't forget to send Ms Clancy pictures of your meal - we'd love to see them in the Newsletter.

Risotto: makes enough for four people. Ms Clancy says she would add some delicious salad and garlic bread too.

Risotto ingredients:

I use frozen veg as it's easier because it's all chopped up already!!

Diced pancetta 65gms

Risotto rice 120 gms

Vegetable stock 500ml

Chopped peppers 150gms

Chopped mushrooms 150gms

Worchester sauce

Mixed/italian herbs - optional


Large frying pan or saucepan

Pint jug

Spatula for stirring

Weighing scales


Created with images by JorgeReynal - "quiche tarta tarte" • cegoh - "cupcake candy muffins"