The Skinner Scroll Weekly news for March 27, 2017

Room 9 is always a fun and busy place to be! Here are the highlights of our learning in all subjects!

  • What time is it? Math Time! At this point, your child should be very comfortable telling time. Extra practice for this was provided for your child over the break. Mathematicians are also working on graphing. Ask your child what the difference between a picture graph and bar graph is!
  • The Authors of Room 9 are finalizing their Personal Expertise Books! At the publishing stage in the Writing Process, we are working on our best handwriting and adding detailed illustrations. We even went to the computer lab to find some nonfiction photographs too!
Writing the day away!
  • In Reader's Workshop, book club teams are busy showcasing all that they have learned by creating Keynote Presentations. This is a slideshow that captures the most important facts from their topic. We call these "Wow" facts because we want the reader to be amazed! During our research, we also drew our own photographs and created a unique Headline and caption to match it!
  • Can you hear me know? We started a new science unit on Sound. Our beginning lessons for this unit allowed the second graders to reflect on sounds in their own world and how sounds are made! One of our investigations had us connect sounds to words which we were familiar with from our writing lessons. We call this onomatopoeia!
  • As March ends I would like to congratulate all of my magnificent readers! We read a total of 20,653 minutes! I was truly amazed by all the reading and book reports that were completed this month. The students celebrated by enjoying movie with all first and second grade friends. I know we will continue this love for reading! Thank you to all of our March Mystery Readers and for supporting your child at home through this reading adventure!
Book Report Award! Lunch date with the teacher!

And the winner is...The Day the Crayons Quit by Drew Daywalt! Second graders voted for their favorite book. We started with 8 book titles and ended up with one winner. We shared our evidence and reasoning to why we love this book!

Thank you to all the parents who came in for Spring Conferences. It was great to share all the accomplishments and growth of your children. It only reinforced what a great group we have in Room 9 and I look forward to what is still in store for the rest of the year.

I wish everyone a safe and fun Spring Break. Use this time to relax, spend time with family and friends, and of course, read a good book! Below is a list of suggestions to keep your mind active! I look forward to seeing all of you when we return!

  • Review High Frequency Words on Spelling City
  • Mega Math games on the symboloo
  • Visit Raz Kid Reading
  • Keep a journal and write small moment stories. You can also write a story for your April Monthly News!
  • Read, read, read and read!!

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