Doughnut worry be healthy Believe

Eat healthy foods including grains, fruits and veggies. Eating this will help heart disease, cancer, and diabetes.

be healthy

Stay physically active. At least 60 min. a day. It strengthens heart and lungs which makes the body work better. It also will help prevent from other diseases.

Stay fit

Maintain a healthy weight. Keep your weight in a range for your age, gender, height, and body frame. You will look healthier and feel healthier.

But you can change

Stress is very important. Cause if you have too much stress you won't be focused on ways to make you healthier.

It will help the stress but not the test

Sleep is very important to if you don't get sleep it causes stress and you will be to tired to exercise.

sleep is wonderful and can be cute

Don't do drugs instead give hugs. Drugs might make you seem cool but on the outside your old and wrinkly. They are bad for your body and will cause brain damage.

Spongebob dosen't do drugs so should you, or does he?

This lesson is from Rebecca Castro



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