México Elizabeth Rocha

POLITICS - Mexico is a federal presidential representative democratic republic. The government is based on a congressional system and the president is head of state and government (also a multi-party system). Presidential elections are held every 6 years. The identity document in Mexico allows all their citizens to vote but it is not enforced. The Mexican Constitution forbids the reelection. The executive power allows the president to introduce a bill in congress and also veto. The veto can be overridden by two-thirds vote in both houses of congress.

ECONOMICS - Mexico has a $1.26 trillion economy. This makes Mexico the 15th largest economy in the world, and the 11th into account power purchasing parity. Their poverty rate is 46.2% (increased by 0.7 percent). In June 2016, the unemployment rate was 4.2 percent. The currency of Mexico is the Mexican peso.


RELIGION - Roman Catholicism is the major religion in Mexico ( about 82.7% of the population). The other 17.3 percent is other evangelical churches, Pentecostal Christianity, Jehovah's Witness, and the rest is unspecified. "Religiously, Roman Catholicism dominates Mexico today as it has for centuries."

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SOCIAL STRUCTURE - The people are organized by their class (how much money they make). It is not required to go to school as many drop out at the age of 14 (sometimes younger). The reason is many kids are expected to work on fields to provide for their family. Females are expected to clean and cook but if their family is too poor, they have to work as well. This is different for those who live in the city.

INDUSTRY - Major industries includes food and beverages, tobacco, and tourism. There was a reported 32.1 million international tourists in 2015. Food and beverage production tops Mexico’s industries. They produce more than 8 million bottles of soft drinks a year.

ARTS AND ENTERTAINMENT - There are ,many things to do in Mexico. For one there are shows, aquatic parks, nightclubs, and shopping. Acapulco, in Guerrero, offers a show were men risk their lives diving from La Quebrada, a 147 feet high cliff. If you are visiting Cancun, visit the nighttime show in Xcaret Park. It is a light and sound tour through Mexico’s history. There are many water parks to enjoy. Whether it is in natural waters, or down chutes 60 feet long, it is always fun. You must visit shops to get a special souvenir! Visit a historical site (there is plenty). These sites are very educational that show Mexico's roots. Do not miss any festivals and carnivals in Mexico. You will always have fun!

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