Fundraising Survey How do you feel about fundraising activities? This is what my local peers had to say.


  • I did my survey on fundraising. I was intrigued by this topic because I know that a lot of sports around the school do tend to need fundraising help and other activities as well. I wanted to know what would be the most appealing fundraiser that would draw people in. To start off my survey, I asked a couple of demographic questions. These consisted of, "What grade are you in?" and, "What is your gender?" I had a total of 10 responses, half being girls, the other half boys.

This is showing that all students who participated were in 7th grade.
This is showing that half of the students were boys, and the other half were girls.
  • The next type of questions that I wanted to ask involved more of the subject of fundraising. I first asked, "What type(s) of fundraisers are the most appealing to you?" I then proceeded to ask the question, "Would you ever want to be apart of a local school fundraiser?"
This shows that a color run might be the most appealing to our students and community, because of the fact it had the most votes.
This is showing that the students can most likely see themselves being apart of a local fundraiser. Most answers were either maybe, or yes.
  • The last questions I had asked were more "ask yourself" and/or "rate yourself" questions. I wanted to see if my peers really wanted to try and open up fundraisers for our school and some of the situations that they felt needed fundraising. My last questions consisted of, "How important is it to you to help your school in general?" , "What would you want to help fund and/or support now or in the future?" , "How important is it to you to get involved in group activities, like fundraising?" and, "Do you ever see yourself helping put together a fundraiser?"
Most students were in the middle for this question, but I believe the students find it a priority to help the school out.
I made this an open-ended question so students could put various answers. I was relieved to see that most of the students chose realistic answers that could be helped with fundraising.
Most students were in the middle for this question as well.
A good amount of the students do see themselves putting together a fundraiser for their own causes.
  • Finally, for my last question, I wanted to hear some of the suggestions from the students to see the best type(s) of fundraising that would really draw customers in. I asked, "Share your ideas! What types of fundraising do you think would be the most appealing to our community?" I got a lot of helpful varied answers, all in all.


In conclusion, I found that most of my peers would enjoy more fundraising happening around the school. I also found that there are multiple things we could be fundraising for. I was surprised to see so many varied answers to my questions, I honestly figured most students wouldn't even think to care about fundraising in the first place. I was very pleased with my fundraising survey and this project altogether.


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