Banana Split Rachel & Allie

Banana Splits were invented in 1904 by a 23 year old, David Evans strickler

David Evan Strickler was an apprentice at a pharmacy located in PA. Walgreens has been credited by spreading the popularity of banana splits, although D.E. Strickler invented it.

With 33,000 bananas, 2,500 gallons of ice cream, 150 gallons of chocolate syrup, SElinsfrove, PA made a 4.5 mile long banana splIt - World Record
August 25th iS national banana split day
Banana splits were usually sold at drugstores for 10-24 cents.
D.E. Strickler enjoyed experimenting in new flavors
The traditional recipe required a lengthwise split banana, two ice cream cones, and a spoon of whipped cream with a cherry on type
Banana splits were most common with the college student Group

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