27 How To Measure Change Pitch String: longer/shorter

Rhythms of week 27. 3rd through 5th are learning how to turn in answers!
One long word of the week! Very few words from the first 7 letters of the alphabet that are this long. Let me know if you have any!
String! Many remembered doing this earlier (some thought a full two years ago)
Guesses were made about longer and shorter string and what would happen to the pitch...
...with a short string....
...with a long string.
Stringswere played.
Stringswere heard.
Data was collected.
Some enjoyed my video with instructions.
Lots of string was sent home, so ask your musicologist "What happens to pitch when the string is shorter/longer?"
Drum circles has evolved into creating songs in GarageBand!
Listening center is just during centers.
This rotation was Debussy's Clair de Lune
Great composing happening at marimba center in Score Creator

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