From Your Brain to You dyslexia and its DIFFICULTY'S

Dyslexia is a language disorder that causes people of all ages to have difficulty reading and writing.

There is no cure for dyslexia, but scientist believe that the neurological side of the brain, which controls your statistics and academics, is the cause of dyslexia.

People and places all over the U.S. will test people of every age for dyslexia. The schools that you go to will even test children for dyslexia if needed.

When you read words your brain has to tell you what the word sounds like, what it says, and what it means.

For example, when you read the word shark, your brain has to see s-h-a-r-k, has to tell you it says ¨shark¨, and it has to tell you that it is a mean rough skinned fish that will eat other animals.

Most people get diagnosed with dyslexia at the age of 11-17. Which makes it really hard to help them make strategies because they have already adapted to their way of reading.

Some of the strategies include getting someone to read to you/ listening to a book, doing your writing on a computer, or reading in a quiet room so you can concentrate better on what you are doing.

Having dyslexia can be confusing, but best thing to do is to have good friend who support you and except you for who you are. Also, don´t be ashamed of who you are because if you don´t except that you have dyslexia no one will.

Thank you, hope you enjoyed.


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