Polay's Authentic seafood

What we do

Established in 1982, Polay’s provides authentic seafood in the heart of London, Birmingham and Manchester with the help of our 102-employee strong team across our 3 restaurants. At the heart of our restaurants is a real understanding that valuing our family makes for the best possible Polay's experience.

For our customers

Our customers are who we work for, who we serve and want to make proud. We strive to exceed your needs and make you feel part of the Polay's family.

We want you to be a part of the family, therefore we are always open and striving for improvements. It is not just those who work here, but it is those that come here who have a say where Polay's is heading. We pay close attention to customer feedback that will aid us in improving our service to you. If at any time you are not happy with our service there should be no angst to point this out.

For our chef's

We at Polay's recognise the incredible service, you, the chefs offer. We strive for a satisfied team so we make sure we provide you with the best resources from kitchen equipment to uniform. With the best resources you are able to be the best chef you can be that enables your charismatic cooking style, where it is evident that our customers recognise the love and skill that went into their dishes. Polay's would not exist without our passionate kitchen teams, so we make sure you are efficiently catered for.

We also recognise that being a chef and delivering the highest quality food provides its moments of stress. Polay's therefore has in its restaurants, "chill out" areas. Feel free to take a break here to recharge yourself. We value the service you provide.

Working in a stressful environment such as kitchens has their potential health risks. We ensure with the equipment and procedures in place, we do our best to minimalize these risks to prevent you valued chefs from injury. Level 2 Health and Safety training is provided which upon completion awards a certificate.

For our front of house

We don't want our front of house to put on a fake smile, we want real emotions from real people, after all we are authentic. We wont send you courses to hide your real feelings. If you feel you want to approach one of our managers for a personal chat then you are absolutely free to do so. They are trained to help you through difficulties.

Polay's has a D-H-P scheme. Drive, hard work and passion. Through this we can make Polay's a challenging and exciting place to work. We recognise this and you could be rewarded with anything from vouchers, on the house bottle, free meals, etc.

For our management team

As our managers you are the engine that keeps us running. You are the organisers, the facilitators and the motivators. You will have conflicts and disagreements with others, this is a normal exercise within the workplace. Therefore our Polay's managers will be provided with full management training that involves Health and Safety, team management, accounting, conflict resolution and first aid, so we are sure you have the confidence and knowledge to act appropriately in any situation you may encounter.

At Polay's the layers of management are clearly defined as supervisors, assisstant managers and general managers. There is always opportunities to move up in roles. The work at Polays is never static, not one day is the same. There are always opportunities to grow and progress.

For all our employees: We can guarantee

  • Living wage
  • Guaranteed hours
  • Long term financing (optional pension scheme)
  • Job security
  • Certified training


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