Leap of faith BY: Jamie blair- Hannah Lugsdin

Summary: Leah Kurtz doesnt have the normal teenage life. Her mother is a drug/ alcohol addict and has never really cared for Leah or her sister Hope. Growing up was hard for the two girls. Their mom becomes pregant once again with some guy, and faith decides that she doesnt want this baby to grow up and live the life she did, so as soon as the baby was born, Faith took the baby (she named Addy) and ran away to Florida. There she Meets a boy that she soon falls in love with and eventually has to leave him. She has been lying to him this whole time about her age, her story on why she ran away and about everything. So when she runs away back to Ohio, which breaks her heart....but he comes to find her, and it leaves you at that.

Leap of Faith was the best book I have ever read! In this book I felt like from the start it had my attention. I kept wanting to turn the page and I think its because I felt like I could relate to somethings. If you've had a hard, not so perfect life growing up and kinda around some bad influences then you'll definitely understand what the main character is going through, and you'd understand why she wants to give that baby a better life than she had. Not only is this book full of realistic events, it also had romance in it. I would definitely recommend this book to teenage girls. It has the perfect love story about this new (16 year old) mom that has ventured out on her own and gets taken in and loved by the perfect guy of her dreams, which she wasn't expecting at all.

"You cant loose people you never had to begin with." -Jamie Balir

The living conditions and feelings for Faith and Hope as they were growing up
Faith, a new unprepared mother now having to raise a daughter
When Faith and Addy meet Chris and he gives them the perfect life.
How Faith feels because she has to run away from Chris because the cops are looking for her.
All Faith needed was to have faith that everything would be ok

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