National Women's Month By: Paige Stanley

J. K. Rowling

J. K. Rowling was born on July 31, 1965 in Yate, England. When born, she was given the name Joanne Rowling. Rowling later added Kathleen, her grandmothers name. She later became know as J. K. Rowling.

J. K. Rowling is known for writing the Harry Potter Series. In 2000 she had written the first three Harry Potter Books. She had made of $480 million and sold over 35 million copies, in 35 different languages. In July of 2000 Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire came out. She sold over 5.3 million copies. She is currently the 13th most wealthy woman in Great Britain.

J. K. Rowling once said, "It is our choices...that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities". Although this quote is not in her direct view, it still is an inspirational quote. This was written in the eyes of Dumbledore to Harry in one of Rowling's books.

Jane Addams

Jane Addams was born September 6, 1860 and died on May 21, 1935. Addams worked as an activist, social worker, public philosopher, sociologist, author, and leader int he women's suffrage and world piece. She worked to help mothers with the needs of their children. She believed that schooling should be done by their mothers, and not by public schools.

Addams and one of her college friends decided to start a neighborhood called "Hull House". Most of the people that lived in the house were youth, human services, and immigrants. She also founded "Juvenile Protective Association". 1907 through the 1940's the JPA started examining racism, child labor, drug abuse, and prostitution.

Jane Addams once said " The good we secure for ourselves is precarious and uncertain until it is secured for all of us and incorporated into our common life".

Susan B. Anthony

Susan B. Anthony was born February 15, 1820 in Adams, Massachusetts. She dies March 13, 1906 in Rochester, New York. Anthony was born into a Quaker family and worked for social equality. She started anti-slavery petition, starting at age 17. Anthony worked for Women's suffrage, women's rights, and abolitionism.

Anthony founded the "Women's State Temperance Society", She was originally not allowed to speak at the Temperance conference because she was a female. Cady Stanton, and herself, founded the Women's Loyal National League. Together they collected around 400,000 signatures. Together they initiated the American Equal Rights Association.

Susan B. Anthony once said, "I declare to you that woman must not depend upon the protection of man, but must be taught to protect herself, and there I take my stand".

Tricia Stanley (My MOm)

My mom was born June 4, 1972. She grew up in Lebanon, Indiana and was raised by my grandmother, Pat. Her mother and father divorced when she was only 8 years old. "As a child I enjoyed learning new things every day" she said. She told me that I have her eyes and her smile.

My mom has taught me to be the kind person that I am today. She always taught to do the right thing in the wrong situation. She is the strongest person I know. She goes non stop and still finds time in the day to tell us she loves us. My dad works weird hours, so a lot of times it is stressful on our family. My mom would do anything for her family! She loves her family more than anything

My mom always tells me, "If you work your hardest, you will never fail. And no matter what, I will always love you my little sunshine!"

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