Good Life Tour of the Harn A spark Story by Brandon Taylor

Medium of Art / Technique of the artist

This specific piece of art titled Night Light by Yvonne Jacquette struck me as one of significant uniqueness. The minute I saw this painting I was drawn to the method of painting that the artist used to create the scene. In this piece Jacquette uses long fluid brush strokes to create an oddly detailed picture. This work made me feel intrigued as all I wanted to do while looking at it was analyze how and why the author decided to paint this in the way that they did. I decided to focus on the technique of the artist in this section rather than the medium because this artist's technique was so outspokenly original it seems to embody this category effortlessly. Being able to go up to the piece and look at it closely in person allowed me to see how fluid the motions are and how everything was done with long precise movements. It also became apparent to me after looking at it close up for a while that the artist may have used these brush strokes to create a sense of movement that is intended to follow the flow of traffic and in turn society as a whole.

Design of the museum

For the design of the museum I decided to focus on the centrally located projector room in the middle of the main exhibit hall. As soon as I walked into the museum this is the first thing that I saw. The room as a whole was designed to have an open floor plan and it seemed odd that they would put a random walled room in the middle of it. I walked around this centerpiece and discovered a room with a projector in it and a television screen playing a short looping clip for visitors to watch. I found this exhibit especially appealing because it was such a subtle yet drastic way for the architects and designers of the museum to be drawn to a central location in the very open room.

Art and Core Values

This exhibit struck me on an ethical and emotional level. The back portion of the museum contained an exhibit from and about something called Guerrilla Girls where the topic of equal representation and social equality for women was being displayed. This exhibit struck me on a core level because one of my core values as a person is that all people should be treated equally and if one group of people feels like they are experiencing injustice then they should speak out and try to gain their innate human right for equality. My opinion on this topic and this movement as a whole can best be represented by the quote by Martin Luther King, Jr. "Freedom is never voluntarily given by the oppressor; it must be demanded by the oppressed" and that is exactly what women are succeeding in doing with movements and exhibits like this.

Art and the Good Life

Many people seek the good life in different ways without even knowing it. In the piece by Nancy Graves it is apparent that the way that she is seeking the good life in her own way it through music she feels is deeply incorporated into the world. It seems like the piece as a whole reflected one of her values of a good life which is music and the way it is ingrained into every part of our lives. The music staff is one of the biggest parts of this sculpture as it has a horseshoe crab on it that is meant to be interpreted as the beginning of life on earth, and then the seemingly prevalent teeth and bones bring a harsher less inspirational tone to the piece. However, the musical notes and bright stars work to liven up the piece and bring it into a realistic perspective. My interpretation on this piece and essentially my reason for choosing it is because I think that Graves is using this piece to depict life as a whole, The way that life starts so pure, ends so harshly and admiring the beauty around us and creating more beauty for others is how we manage to enjoy life and get the fullest meaning out of it.


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