Poseidon's Protection Insurance "Protecting your home since 8th Century BC."

Poseidon's Protection Insurance was passed down to me from my father, the god Cronus. When I was young, Cronus feared that my siblings and I (his children) were going to overthrow him, so he swallowed all of us. But when my little brother Zeus was born, my mother, the goddess Rhea, took and hid him so when he was old enough, he could confront our father and save us. When Zeus was the right age, he came back to face Cronus and saved us. Together, my siblings and I, known as the Olympians, opposed my father and his colleagues, known as the Titans, in a ten year war. In the end, the Olympians won. My father used to be the CEO of this company, but when he died, the role was passed down to me and I named the company Poseidon's Protection Insurance.
Poseidon's Protection Insurance will help compensate for replacement costs, repairs, and extra living expenses. We will be there if something happens to your home. We'll finance for things such as robberies and natural disasters, from flooding to earthquakes.
I, Poseidon, god of the sea, earthquakes, and horses, am the chief executive officer (CEO) of Poseidon's Protection Insurance. I use my symbol, the trident, as my company's logo.
My wife Amphitrite works at our Customer Contact Center as the Contact Center supervisor. She is in charge of our Contact Center and makes sure that our customers get the proper assistance they need.
As you probably know, I have five siblings. My older sister Hestia works as a manager for our Human (and God) Resources department. Demeter is a plant manager for Real Estate and Facilities. Hera works in the Claims department as a claims administrator. My brother Hades is a corporate attorney in our Legal department, and Zeus is a part of the Information Technology department as a PC technician. My mother Rhea works with Human Resources as a benefits specialist.

Though my company has more employees, here are a few of children who are employed: My son Atlas is a data analyst for Business Analysis and Triton is a cash control specialist for Finance and Accounting. Theseus works as a communications consultant in Marketing. Polyphemus is a product managed for Product and Process Management, and Orion works in the Sales department as a sales trainer.

But do not think that Poseidon's Protection only employs gods and goddesses. In fact, one of the most significant figures in my company is my son, the flying horse Pegasus, who works as the company's chief financial officer (CFO). We also have two of my sacred animals, horses and bulls, guarding the company's headquarters in the city that I am patron god of, Troezen.
Speaking of Troezen, that actually was not the city I originally wanted to be the god of. A long time ago, a king named Cecrops wanted a patron deity for his city. I was up for the role, but then Athena came in and decided she did too. Athena proposed the idea that we would each offer and gift, and whoever gave the most valuable gift would be the patron god/goddess. I offered the easily best gift, the sea. The only problem was that the citizens could not drink my salty sea water. Athena, on the other hand, gave the city a wimpy little tree. She said the olive tree she provided could be used to make oil for lamps and cooking, grow olives for eating, and supply wood for building. For a reason I am still unsure of, the citizens chose Athena and decided to name their city after her, calling it Athens. This made me angry, so I cursed Athens with a shortage of drinkable water and flooding of salt water.
If you have any questions, you can contact us online or come to Poseidon's Protection Insurance headquarters in my patron city of Troezen. If you cannot find anyone there, you may visit my realm in the Aegean Sea for assistance, but be sure to tell the guard dolphins, my other sacred animals, that you are there for business. If your questions are related to destruction of plants or crops (my personal favorites are my sacred plants, wild celery and pine trees), you might want to ask my sister Demeter about that.
I hope that you will consider Poseidon's Protection Insurance as your homeowners' insurance company. We will make sure to protect and take care of your home. Well, I guess we'll sea you at headquarters!


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