What makes a good photo? Oscar Wight & Jennifer Lei

A good use of exposure. Taken by Jody Claborn. No copyright (public domain). Keywords: covered, bridge, sunset, outdoor, sky, serene
The exposure is too high creating a yellow hue throughout the photo. Taken by fatsoo1. Copyrighted - all rights reserved. Keywords: outdoor.
All objects are placed neatly in the view finder creating an organised work space. There is no clutter. The desktop background gives the photo a pop of colour. The angle the picture is taken at also allows the viewer to experience what it would actually be like to be there. Taken by Mark Jardine. Copyrighted - all rights reserved. Keywords: electronics, screen, display screen, computer mouse, computer screen, indoor, table, monitor, room, office.
This photographer is capturing their workplace. It appears to be very cluttered with wires everywhere and random objects such as the shoes on the printer. The lighting also isn't the greatest. The blinds that are shown in the reflection on the screen could of possible helped with the lighting in the room. Taken by Mike Oliveri. Copyrighted - some rights reserved. Keywords: indoor, room, table, electronics.
The photographer does not have a specific focus on the branch, and so the depth of field is distorted. It could be possible that the water droplet is focused, but the background creates a distraction. Taken by: Unknown. No copyright (public domain). Keywords: plant, branchlet, outdoor.
This photo focuses on the detail of the wood and also blurs out the other layers - a good use of depth of field. Taken by: jojomomof4. No copyright (public domain). Keywords: focus, wood, fence.
A great use of colour to create a calming mood. Taken by Bernard Spragg. No copyright (public domain). Keywords: skyline, city, outdoor.
This photo is taken with a long exposure creating a misty water effect. It is well captured, but with the filter and edit, it takes away features of the photo. It looses the "relaxed" mood an ocean gives. Taken by: Zero EvoluZioN. Copyrighted - all rights reserved. Keywords: outdoor, sand, sea, sky, serene, landscape, mountain.
The landscape orientation in this picture helps to show the width of the environment the photographer is trying to capture. Taken by Bernard Spragg. No copyright (public domain). Keywords: outdoor, hill, mountain, mountainside, foothill.
This is an example where a portrait landscape may have been better to capture the entirety of the object, and how its size fits in with its environment. Taken by: mrs irwin. Copyrighted (all rights reserved). Keywords: none specified.

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