Government of Italy By: Sieun Baik

Italy Before

Italy did have a past name, Italia, this name was used thousands of years ago though. They're a country in Europe. And until 1946, Italy's government was Monarchy.


"Monarchy would be a form of government where a supreme ruler rules. Supreme rulers are usually kings, queens, or emperors.


The last king was Benito Mussolini. Mussolini was forced to resign in 1943, about a year after Italy joined forces with Germany in World war II.


After Mussolini resigned, Italy changed their government and has stayed with the same government ever since.

Italy's now.

Italy switched their government to democratic republic in 1946. Italians voted in a general election for the first time while doing this.


Democratic republic is a government that is both democracy and republic. Democracy would be the government where the power is given to the people while Republic would be where the power is on the people who then look to an elected representative to lead them.


De Nicola was elected as president on June 28, 1946.


Italy is still a country in Europe. Italy shares land borders with France, Switzerland, Austria, Slovenia, San Marino, and Vatican City. Italy is called the 'Boot country' because of its shape.

Mussolini was forced to resign in in 1940-1943 but killed by his own people after trying to escape. He was executed the day after he was caught trying to escape.

A year after Mussolini was killed (1945.) Italians held their first election and voted to make Italy a democratic republic. Northern Italy mostly wanted to make Italy democratic republic and Southern Italy mostly wanted to keep Monarchy.

Other events/signature events.

1940 - 1943 - Italy sides with Germany during WWII and Mussolini is forced to resign.


1946 - Italy's government changes to democratic republic.


Were any other countries involved/Other people involved?

There were no other countries that were involved in changing Italy's government. However, there were other people involved.


Benito Mussolini was obviously involved, as his resignation led to the change of government. Monarchists were also involved, trying to keep their government the same. The people of Italy were involved as well. They played a major role in changing the government.

Population and physical map

Physical map of Italy.

The middle parts of Italy is rocky. The parts around the rocky land is mostly flat and green.

The land below the 'Boot' part also have mountains. The mountains here don't look as rocky so there are still a big population living in some particular places.

The island far off from Italy at the left has little population. This is probably because it has rocky mountains. Unlike the other island, this one is far away from Italy.


Population map of Italy.

There are less people living in the middle, where the mountains are. Instead, most people seem to be living in the flat parts without the mountains.

The smaller islands seem to have less population then the bigger one. I can conclude that it's because they are rockier as a whole.

There also seems to be less people living in the border of Italy. Especially where Italy meets Switzerland and Austria.

There is least population near the bottom of the Italy as well. Except maybe the 'heel' of Italy, there's a lot of people but the bottom where the smaller island is near, it's lighter green.

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