Engage & Connect A Partnership Between MassMUtual & CARLY FIORINA'S Unlocking Potential Foundation


In 2018, the MassMutual Foundation announced an ambitious program to bring together community resources and partners to create vibrant and empowered neighborhoods: The Live Mutual Project. They recognized that achieving this ambitious community transformation would require leadership and collaboration from the non-profit leaders who were solving the community's toughest problems.

At the same time, they wanted to engage their employees in their community work, recognizing that it would strengthen their impact in the community and improve hiring, retention, engagement, and performance.

The Approach

Together, MassMutual and Carly Fiorina's Unlocking Potential Foundation convened over 50 community leaders from more than 20 organizations. Those leaders worked directly with Carly Fiorina, each other, and trained facilitators over two days to build their leadership and problem-solving skills - and to develop plans to tackle community-wide issues.

But leadership isn't mastered in a day - and Unlocking Potential needed local partners to ensure the impact lasted. Luckily, there was an existing network of passionate leaders eager to lean in and give back. The team enlisted MassMutual employees as coaches, training and matching them with the non-profit participants to kick off the second part of the program: six months of guided practice through coaching.

The Results

  • All of the participants in the program left feeling refreshed and equipped with new tools to tackle the toughest problems in their communities. On average, they rated their overall experience as a 4.8 / 5.0.
  • 100% of participants indicated that they left the Lab with new problem-solving tools that they can use in their organizations and with their teams.
  • Unlocking Potential uses the Net Promoter Score to assess customer experience and loyalty. During the Springfield Leadership Lab, participant ratings provided a Net Promoter Score of 85/100. Industry average is approximately 50/100.

“The enthusiasm and positive buzz was every bit as evident among the gathering. I can’t thank you enough for working with us to make this happen for our nonprofit friends. And believe me when I tell you that other partners are already lining up…”

Dennis Duquette, President - MassMutual Foundation

"The tools that were provided were really incredible – they’re things we can take back and really put to good use in our organization."

Leadership Lab Participant

"This program was phenomenal. It gave me the courage to be who I am and not be afraid of – or at least practice not being afraid of – the obstacles and the problems that come along... to see problems as opportunities."

Leadership Lab Participant