Amphibians by ayaan and aisha

American toad
Three-toed Amphiuma

Characteristics of a amphibian

Amphibians have a backbone. They are cold blooded. Spend at least part of their lives in water and on land. Amphibians do not have scales and their skin is permeable (molec gases can pass through)



Created with images by tracyhammond - "terrapin turtle zurtoise" • Kinchan1 - "Staying Cool" • 2ndPeter - "Three-Toed Amphiuma (Amphiuma tridactylum)" • WikiImages - "finger coral tree frog running frog frog" • LoggaWiggler - "frog pond frog amphibian" • pixel2013 - "frog green green frog" • garycycles8 - "frog" • USFWS Headquarters - "Mississippi gopher frog "aka" Dusky gopher frog (Rana sevosa)" • werner22brigitte - "toad green tree frog frog" • Josch13 - "tree frog anuran frog" • couliseaux - "untitled image" • Kaz - "frog marbled reed frog amphibian" • Pipsimv - "frog prince frog tree frog" • marknenadov - "American Toad" • lewing - "amphibian" • seth0s - "frog terrarium amphibians" • sebilden - "Cornered" • steve p2008 - "untitled image" • steve p2008 - "untitled image" • CaliforniaDFW - "Bullfrog"

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