Enroll in English 104 FOr English 102, 132, or 298 students

Most students find that many of the writing assignments in English 102, 132, or 298 are new to them. Are you prepared? Have you ever written a qualitative research paper? Do you know how to do archival research? English 104 will help you.
Do you already feel you're a good writer and want to make sure you do the best you possibly can? English 104 will help you.
In English 104, you'll get one-to-one feedback on your writing. We'll help you get started on your papers, will give you feedback on your drafts, and will help you stay on a steady schedule throughout the semester.
The requirements are easy to meet, and everything you do is related to your composition course assignments..
  • This course meets entirely online this semester.
  • 1 hour online attendance each week at a time you choose. You'll work on writing assigned in your composition course.
  • Meet online with tutors at least 4 times during the semester.
  • Complete 2 very short, informal, ungraded reflections on your writing during the semester.

Register for this 1-credit elective via MyUTK. CRN: 20609

(If you need a pre-requisite override to register, email writingcenter@utk.edu.)

Go to the English 104 Canvas site (online.utk.edu) at the beginning of the semester to get started with the course.

If you have questions about English 104, email writingcenter@utk.edu or visit our website, https://writingcenter.utk.edu.
We look forward to helping you succeed as a writer!


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