New and innovative educational tool: Projection Globe

Over a decade ago, Global Imagination was formed with the intention of commercializing a new way to display information regarding planets. Global Imagination has offered their range of projection globes that make learning process a lot easier. Even though this innovative tool has provided new educational possibilities nevertheless it has also caused changes in teaching practices. Today teachers find teaching with Magic Planet projection globe a lot easier and more productive in comparison to traditional teaching practices. It is believed that with Magic Planet the possibilities are boundless. Furthermore, Global Imagination has claimed to add new applications to their range of projection globes is attempt to satisfy the varying needs of its customers.

According to Global Imagination, with its stunning visual impact, Magic Planet projection globe has the ability to provide its users with a truly captivating experience. Apart from its outstanding range of features the company has added certain animations to inform its users regarding the world. In addition, one can easily access essential information regarding the natural disasters such as earthquakes. The digital projection globe allows its users to view and explore dynamic digital media of Earth and other planets.

The sphere shaped projection globe has certainly proven to be a hit amongst its users for the reason that it has made understanding dynamic global systems a lot easier. To facilitate the needs of various users, these globes are being offered in different sizes varying from 16” to 10”. Keeping in mind the convenience of its users, the projection globe is being offered in both portable and pedestal configuration. Considering the results of a recent research study, more than 65% of the population today are categorized as visual learners. Currently, we are residents of a global society with complex opportunities and concerns exist. Thus, it is critical to prepare students for the future and global success. Lastly, with use of projection globes majority of the visual and interactive learners can now participate more actively and have a better learning experience on the whole.

Even though, the fundamental use of the projection globe is for educational purposes nevertheless, it is also being use to watch and interact with marketing, promotional or entertainment media. As depicted by the name, the projection globe makes use of a computer and comes equipped with a sphere shaped screen. Global Imagination introduced their range of projection globes to help people understand and act upon dynamic global systems and situations.

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