Mary Slesor by: Cole Ramey

Mary Slessor was born on December 2, 1848 at Aberdeen, Scotland.
Mary Slessor was a mill girl and a Christian at a young age. Mary, her Brother, and his Mother worked in the mills to support the family.
Mary Slessor was not well educated but learned to read.
Mary was inspired to be a missionary by David Livingstone.
The Slessor family attended the United Free Presbyterian, Wishart Church, was linked to the Calabar Mission in West Africa which Mary went on.
In 1875 Mary went to Nigeria on a mission assignment and lived with the Okound tribe and shared the gospel with people.
When Mary was an adult she adopted 7 children and also volunteered to teach at a new Dundee mission in Queen Street
Mary Slessor died in 1915 while in a mud hut
Bible Verse- So that we can preach the gospel to the regions beyond you. - 2 Corinthians 10:16
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