The three grueling months in the School of Campus ministry is finally done. I thank God for His grace for sustaining me all through out. Your prayers and partnership are definitely a big part of its success. I hope you'll be encouraged as you scroll down to see the highlights during my last two months in school.

Discipleship Convergence 2017
"We are the salt and light of the world"
Challenge the text that you're going to preach from. Ask relevant questions and ask the power of the Holy Spirit to guide you as you study the word. - Edrei Canda
"You don't work alone, you work as a team. Your team will compensate for your weaknesses. " - Ptr. Jeff Dacumos
Father the students you are discipling. Be intentional and genuine in reaching out to them. - Ptr. Robert Gonzales
Strategic Planning presentation
Final 10 minute preaching with our panelist Ptr. Jerry De Sagun and Ptr. Paolo Punzalan.
With Jonas our best preacher
Sharing lives with one another
Graduation Pictorial with the 17th batch
With the mighty men of Batch 17th
Graduation day with the world changers.
With my family during my graduation in School of Campus Ministry.
Proof of God's faithfulness and grace.

Thank you for sending in the School of Campus Ministry. It's not the end but only the beginning of my long journey in the ministry. Thank you for your continuous prayers and partnership. It's a privilege to partner with you in this calling. Together we will disciple students, train them as leaders and release them to be world changers.

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