High Priestess Sustains her Throne & Tiara despite of Those few who kept clowning around her...


Year in Review

For me this year has been traumatising and really painful emotionally and physically.(Depression,Wisdom Teeth)from enduring humiliation to heartbreaks,upheavals to breakdowns,#sulafest #meeting more people #more disappointments #all #work n no play,#alone on my birthday,#no one to go out with,same erratic people,#egocentric #indifferent #old school friend texted,"I'm like your friend" which ended with an appalling confession that she really doesn't like me...followed by a series of selfies to compete then.But speaking of the better aspects,well…I established myself as an author,revealed my artistic skills with all the interactive and creative content in my book,blog & quote cards.Also learnt that I have a great potential for social media marketing…considering the fact that I created my own Brand, ‘MissFrenchLips’ which now seems to be a franchise for the rest of my life!I also had a lot of activism going on.Scripted my own Short films,narrated and all in all tried a lot to maintain & sustain my public profile and presence with diligence,grit & stability.Combined with great strength of character like a 'Lion’,Ascendency of an 'Eagle’ and the Emotional Agility of a 'Phoenix’.Also,I now go out sans makeup,so got rid of the lil water based foundation I used to apply,though that was it (can’t call it makeup…)Switched to healthier eating habits.Maintained my abs and what am I missing?Yeah,deleted all those disappointing dating apps!2016,I rocked,Dont know 'bout u dude,but I was amazing!2017,hope you don’t fail to impress me…You’re on!


Zara Céleste/Sauleh

Miss French Lips

Created By
Zara Sauleh


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