Out Of My Mind Book Review By:Camila,mms

Imagine not being able to move, speak or eat on your own. Not being able to say, “ I Love You”, to your parents. Well, all of that is about to change for Melody

In this lovely book Out Of My Mind by Sharon M. Draper, Melody, a young girl who can’t move or speak very well, wanted to tell many people that she cared for them, but there is no cure for her illness. So her babysitter told her about this machine that could do the talking for her and convinced Melody’s parents to buy it. Then Melody succeeds in many things like being on a quiz team and making friends.

My favorite part of my book is when Melody proves everyone wrong when she gets a perfect score in a test. Everyone thinks she is useless and not needed, however Melody has talent. She can memorize a lot and she is beyond smart. As a result, she tries out for a quiz team anxious to know if she made the team. Thereafter, she gets a perfect score feeling confident and proud of herself knowing she can do anything and it made me feel like I knew who she was and that I would be proud of her too.

Don’t think that just because someone has a disability doesn’t mean they aren’t smart and can’t succeed. The evaluation is that Melody has a disability but she always tries her best. The book has a lot of important life lessons inside, like always trying your best, and never giving up. Melody never gave up on what she wanted to do in life. Later on in the book, Melody succeeds in many things like making friend

Realistic-Fiction lovers will really enjoy this book. They will become addicted with Melody and her intelligence and main wish to be heard, whether it is a good thing or a bad thing.

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