Good Life Nature Activity Christopher laughlin

Nature on Display

Venturing through the Florida Museum of Natural History, I decided to explore the Butterfly Exhibit. The exhibit had a large abundance of butterflies and other creatures on display. These photos are just a small preview of the numerous amounts of butterflies collected for viewing. This part of the exhibit was fascinating because they had all of the butterflies sectioned into demographic areas so I got see just how many different ones there are in different areas of the world. I learned about the Atlas moth, a moth that has an image of a snakes head on its wings to deter predators. I enjoy museums because they present information in a way that piques interest over something like an online article.

Nature and Ethics

The Florida Natural History Museum provided an abundance of methods to experience nature through loving, admiring and respecting our biotic community. The butterfly rainforest showed that we can respect nature and still be up close and personal with it. That we don't have to obstruct nature to fully enjoy its benefits. As I went through the museum, I noticed that the quality of the museum is akin to that of the larger ones in Washington D.C. This means that I was fully enthralled in how immersive the museum really was. I went to the museum with my friend and after we toured the museum he started to develop more interest in the natural world. He was quite intrigued with the amount of creature in the butterfly rainforest, I would have to agree that my experience at the museum has increased my feeling of ethical responsibility towards nature and preserving it.

Nature and the Human Spirit

The Natural History Museum helped me step out of my ordinary life because I most likely wouldn't have toured the museum if not for this class. This helped me connect with and appreciate nature on a different level rather than everyday observation. It made me look at nature differently than I would normally look at it and I appreciate the opportunity that this class has given me.
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chris laughlin


Pictures taken by me and my friend Kevin McBride.

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