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January 9

Lancaster District CED ZOOM Meeting

10:00 AM - 11:30 AM

Contact: Tina Johnson

January 22 - 23, 2021

SAED Convocation & Check Up Meeting

Friday, Jan. 22 - 7:00 PM - Ordination Service

Saturday, Jan. 23 - All - Day - Check Up Meeting

Saturday, January 30

Steele Hill 1st Quarterly Conference

Please submit forms to Candace Adams or Erica Morrison

SAED Bible Study

Exodus 1-40, Matthew 5:1-12


January 19: Elder Alvin McLamb

Exodus 6-9, Matthew 5:1-12

February 2: Elder Sharon Browning

Exodus 10-14, Matthew 5:1-12

February 9: Elder Otha Smith

Exodus 15-18, Matthew 5:1-12

March 2: Elder Sandra Benton

Exodus 19-23, Matthew 5:1-12

March 16: Elder Robert Christian

Exodus 24-27, Matthew 5:1-12

April 1: Elder John Paul Ruth

Exodus 28-31, Matthew 5:1-12

May 4: Elder Lela Johnson

Exodus 32-35, Matthew 5:1-12

June 1: Elder Reginald Morton

Exodus 36-40, Matthew 5:1-12

Let's Add Some Movement to Our Lives!

How to Add Movement to Your Day

12 ways to sneak more physical activity into your day

(RxWiki News) Sometimes, 30 minutes of exercise feels like too much for one day, but what if you did a few five- to 10-minute movement sessions throughout the day?

Most people think they have to exercise for 30 minutes to an hour straight each day to see any benefit. But even small amounts of physical activity throughout the day can provide positive health benefits.

Numerous studies show that sitting too much is damaging to the body. The average person spends 12 hours a day sitting. That's half the day.

But for many people, thinking about moving for the recommended 45 minutes daily can be overwhelming — especially if you're not used to exercising or you're feeling short on time. Being overwhelmed right at the start can mean that you give up on exercising altogether.

The key is to incorporate some movement — almost any movement — into your day to get started. With these small movement "breaks" throughout your day, it no longer feels like it's too hard to do or like "work."

Before you know it, you can work up to 45 minutes or even an hour of beneficial, maybe even fun movement every day. That can lead to improved health and wellbeing.

Here are 12 ways you can squeeze more movement into your day.

At Home

1. Walk in place while watching TV.

2. Take a 10-minute walk around the block after dinner.

3. Do five lunges while you wait for your coffee to brew.

4. Do calf raises while you brush your teeth.

5. Dance to your favorite song after breakfast.

6. Dance while doing household chores, such as sweeping or vacuuming.

Out and About

7. Park farther from your destination.

8. Take the stairs, if possible.

On the Job

9. Do a few stretches at your desk.

10. Combine phone calls with walks.

11. Turn your workstation into a standing desk, if possible.

12. Every hour on the hour, get up and do a 15-second stretch to get your blood circulating.

These activities may seem very small, but over time, they will become easier to do. Before you know it, these small movements will become part of your day. And as time goes by, you can continue to build on these small habits.

Always talk to your health care provider before starting any new exercise routine.


Vein Clinics of America, "Prevent Vein Issues With These 11 Daily Movement Ideas"

ACE Fitness, "8 Ways to Add More Movement Throughout Your Day"

(Article provided by Premier Pharmacy and Wellness Center, Charlotte, NC)

Yours Truly was moving on New Year's Day. Some Pictures from the First Day Hike at Andrew Jackson State Park. (Whenever you are ready, just contact Fred) #1 mile hike

Deep In the Woods
Pit Stop!
Not A Car In Sight!

“Life isn’t how you survive the thunderstorm, but how you dance in the rain. “

Happy 3 Score and 10!

James and Jessie Coffey. Jr.

On January 13, 2021, James P. and Jessie Lee Coffey plan to celebrate their 70th Wedding Anniversary by sitting by the fireplace, remembering and thanking God for Grace and Mercy! Family, Stay Safe!

Mailing Address: 4816 Waxhaw Marvin Road - Waxhaw, NC 28173

Home Telephone: 704.843.4370

Happy Birthday!

January 10: Raseac Myles

January 12: Tatyana Morrison

January 15: Thomas C. Williams

Mimi's Ministry

‘I saw a homeless man digging in the trash. It made me sad.’

By Mandy Catoe, The Lancaster News

Saturday, December 26, 2020 at 2:00 am (Updated: December 26, 2:00 am)

In the Old Testament, a verse in Isaiah says: “A little child shall lead them.”

At Steele Hill AME Zion Church, 8-year-old Mimi Patton is fearlessly showing the congregation the way.

One day early this month, Mimi, or more formally Amisila J’nya Patton, sat for an interview in a socially-distanced semicircle along with three matriarchs of Steele Hill – her mother, Trafonda Morrow Patton, her grandmother Doris Waiters and the Rev. Sandra Sistare.

The women traced the origin of Mimi’s Ministry to a hot day last July. Mimi and her mom were riding through downtown Charlotte on the way to a birthday celebration. Mimi saw a man rummaging through a trashcan.

Mimi fidgeted on the pew as her elders talked, looking like a typical kid in pigtails. Her feet didn’t touch the floor. She swung them back and forth, kicking off one of her glittery silver Crocs.

Asked why she decided to take action, Mimi stilled herself, sat up straight, pushed her glasses up and took a deep breath.

“I saw a homeless man digging in the trash. I just saw him and it made me sad,” she said. “He doesn’t have food and he doesn’t have a house.”

The three women looked at each other and nodded.

Patton said the incident led to many discussions at home. Mimi kept coming back to the simple question – why?

“I explained to her that he doesn’t have a house and doesn’t have the things that we have,” Patton said.

Such conversations are common in the Patton household, but seeing homelessness made it real for Mimi.

Grandmother Doris, Mimi, Mother Trafonda
Mimi Patton packs bags of toiletries and supplies for homeless people.

Mimi's Ministry (cont'd)

January 2 was Senior Soup Saturday! Team Mimi delivered soup, cornbread and honey buns to Senior Citizens. Her care packages were sent as far as Concord, NC and to her Grandma and Great Aunt in Charlotte. Mimi is being a blessing to many!

Let me give you my new telephone number

Paul and Rachel Cuff have a new home phone number: 803.431.7109

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