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The ferryman of Hades. Who carries souls of the newly decreased across the river Styx and Acheson that divided the world of the living from the world of the dead. He carries the soul of the dead to the underworld where Hades is. You have to give Charon a coin it's either an obolus or danake it was either in the mouth or on the body of the dead person. Charon's obol - a coin placed in the mouth of the dead. People who are unable to pay the fee are doomed to wander the shores of the river for 100 years.

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Obolus or Danake

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Charon is the son of Nyx (goddess of light) and Erebus (god of night). Nyx and Erebus were brother and sister. Now husband and wife.

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His eyes either referring to fierce, flashing, or feverish eyes, or to eyes of a bluish-gray color. The word may be an understatement for death. Flashing eyes may indicate the anger or hot-tempered. His eyes resign death.

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Charon was short tempered.

Charon is determination. He is determined to get payed by the coin and to get the dead body to the underworld. Where Charon gives the soul of the dead body to Hades.

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Sailing across the river.

Charon is nice until you piss him off. He may look mean but really he nice. But one thing you should never do is tell him what to do because it is his river and he is in charge. He is the boss of his boat and the river.

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The river of Styx

Charon values the coins that come with the dead bodies(souls). Sometimes he likes to talk to the souls when they travel to the underworld. But he values "money" the most because that's the only thing he gets from ANYONE.

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Hades won't be the king of the underworld (dead people/souls) if it wasn't for Charon to take the souls to him.

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