SHINY GEMS by kendall hannemann

A see through jem made from the rock inside the earth wen it super heated and cooled over a long period of time.

a very precious blue gem praised for its strength and rich coler

A one dollar coin from europe used in most trade and barter

i was looking for metallic paint but ? used for decoration and customization of various objects

A small dome like figure made of calcium used for decorashun or keepsake

A pink to blood red colored gem made from aluminum oxide

A bright green gem that's color is obtained from chromium and vanadium

a heavy mineral common in most countries and is the currency for most continental trade

a wight to blue gem worth hundreds of dollars and used in most jewelry crafting.created in the earths layers with super pressure and cole over hundreds of years

polished glass formed in the shape of a ball sometimes with decoration inside

your turn


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