Wilmington Race Riot By: Elora Degraffenried


Wilmington was the main place where black people could do things that white people could do. They could own business and do things that whties could do. But at this point in history, there was segregation. They had different restrooms for the "colored" and you couldn't sit in the same place as the white people sat.

This is a example of what segregation looked like. Only colored could crink out if a certain fountain, and the whites would drink out of another fountain.

Red Shirts

The Red Shirts was group of white Democrats who's goals was to stop the black people voting in the election. They intimiated blacks to not vote, or to vote a certain way, they held racist rallys against the blacks and they had invaded black churches.

Alex manly

Alex manly was the main editor for the African American Newspaper

Alex Manly was a mixed man that was the editor for the African American newspaper in 1898. This newspaper was the only African American newspaper during this time. Many Democrats were upset with him because he wrote in this news paper, "poor white men are careless in the matter of protecting their women". This event made lots of men on the other side angry

Alfred Moore Waddell

This man was a former Confederate officer and a white supremacist.

Alfred Moore Waddell was a Democratic Congressman and later had became the mayor of Wilmington, NC. He was a former Confederate officer so he was already against the black citizens voting in the election. This man, led 500. white men to the headquarters were Mr. Manly worked, and broke in, and started a fire.

Grandfather Clause

After the Democrats took control of Wilmington, they put out a law, called the "Grandfather Clause". The Grandfather Clause is a law stating that you could not vote, unless your grandfather voted before 1864. They used this law for another way to prevent black citizens from voting in the south, or in any other elections.


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