Good Life Performance Project By erik viera

The Spatial Experience

(Lambeth, Wanda. Movie Theater. When I first entered the theater, the setting had already given me a serious and gloomy tone. It was a sizable theater and a very nice one at that, however that did not stop me from feeling a bit uneasy (which was also enhanced by the lights dimming at the start of the show of course.) The role of place in Good Life is one that really helps determine what factors in your life will be the obstacles and what tools will help you overcome those obstacles.

The Social Experience

I attended the performance with a few friends of mine I met earlier in the year. We were excited to go because we had never been to an on stage performance before. We talked a lot about the plot of the performance beforehand and wondered how the audience would react to it. Attending with friends really enhanced the experience because it helped me see the performance through a different perspective than just mine. The role of shared experiences in the Good Life is for one to see a certain thing or idea in a different light. Everyone has there own way of seeing things and it is beneficial to ones quest for the good life to see something from multiple view points.

The Cultural and Intellectual Experience

(Hayes, Camille. Speak Your Mind. The time and place of the story seemed to be a few decades back when much of the social reform we have today had just started to rise. To me, the central issue addressed in the performance was the many social injustices that our world had and that something needed to be done to fix these many conflicts in social society. I knew that social injustices like gender inequality and child molestation were a part of the performance. The performance definitely changed my views on these subjects more towards the extreme since I was not aware of how hard it was to go through something so traumatizing and burdening that it would lead people to near insanity. The performance does relate to the inequality my father had faced when still living in Havana, Cuba. Most of his rights were taken away and he was restricted from going to many luxurious places strictly because he was a native.

The Emotional Experience

(Cooper, David. The Divine. I feel like The Divine provides us an opportunity for katharsis by showing us the many injustices that our society had gone through not too long ago. The performance shows us the various noble and not so noble decisions made by the different actors and actresses in the performance, such as the child molestation by priests, the use of child labor in unfit conditions by factory owners, the decision to hold a heavy burden for the protection of others emotions, and the undying wish to reveal the devastating truth to others. This performance forces its watchers to think about these subjects and show them what the consequences of such actions are and can do to others in the social community, good or bad.
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