Epic Heroes by Jayden Montejano


Every super hero has to have confidence. They need confidence because without it, you won't have the guts to protect you and other people who need help. For example, Odysseus had confidence because he fought the cyclops in order to make it out of the cyclops' home and live. If he stayed there he would have been eaten and so all his soldiers would have been eaten as well. (Pg.382, part 1).

Super man has confidence because he's willing to put his life at risk to protect a whole town that's in danger. If he didn't have any confidence he wouldn't be a hero because he would let bad things happen in the town and just be like everyone else.

BRAVERY: An epic hero needs to be brave when he is protecting people. If he's not, he won't try to help those who need it because he will be scared and run away like others.

In the Odyssey, Odysseus was brave when they were sailing home and Poseidon cursed him and soldiers. This was an act of bravery because he went home sailing knowing that Poseidon's was out for him because he hurt the cyclops. And he had to stay strong and risk his life for the others who wanted to go home too even though some didn't make it out of that situation alive.

Superman needs to have a lot of bravery as well. He needs to be brave because if not, he won't be able to do epic things. For example, protecting people will be a problem because he would be scared to go up to the thing putting people in danger and fight for them.

RESILIENCE: An epic hero can't go down and stay down forever. If they go down they always have to get back up and keep going on.

Odysseus shoes resilience through out the whole way home in the story. Even with all the problems with the lowtus flowers, the cyclops, Poseidon's curse etc., he never gave up when he was down. He always tried to be on top."

Superman shows resilience when lex luthor takes him down , but always gets back up. And doesn't let falling down take over what he has to do.


Having all these traits makes a good hero. It makes you feel powerful and strong, like you can do anything. These superheroes relate because they both need traits to be good and powerful heros to protect people.

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