The Lamb Matthew Morvant 4th period

"To be a hero means you have to step across the line and be willing to make a sacrifice."(Philip Zimbardo) In Hosseini's novel, The Kite Runner, the lamb symbolizes the true sacrifices with in the novel. This is illustrated when Hassan gets raped, Amir frames Hassan, and when Baba leaves Afghanistan for Amir.

The symbolization of the lamb is present in Hassan when he gets raped. For instance, when Hassan decided to take the punishment from Assef instead of just giving the him the kite, he sacrifices his self for Amir. " Im letting you keep the kite, Hazara , so it will always remind you of what I'm about to do to you." (pg.73) This quote conveys how Hassan just sacrifices his dignity for the good of Amir and how Amir just chooses to not intervene. In addition, Amir just plays the rape off like Hassan was just another sacrifice to make his life better. " Maybe Hassan was the price I had to pay, the lamb I had to slay to win Baba."(pg.78) This quote illustrates how Amir just sacrifices Hassan to attempt to re-establish a relationship with his father. Amir also tries to play it off that Hassan was only a Hazara and was just a price he had to pay to make his life better. In the end Hassan sacrifices so much to make Amir happy.

Another example of the lamb being present is when Hassan gets framed for stealing Amirs new watch. For instance, when Amir frames Hassan he is trying to m ale himself feel less guilty by Baba kicking Hassan out. "I Lifted Hassan's mattress and planted my new watch... told what I hoped would be the last in a long line of shameful lies." (pg. 105) This quote conveys how far Amir is willing to go to make himself feel less guilty. Another example is when Hassan sacrifices himself one final time ben though he knows what Amir did." Then I understood: this is Hassan's final sacrifice for me." (pg.105) Hassan had seen what Amir did but he sacrifices himself one last time for the good of Amir. Amir watched Hassan get raped,but Hassan still decides to rescue Amir one last time.

The symbolism of the lamb is present in Baba when he leaves his great life in Afghanistan for a mediocre life in America. For example, Baba was having a fantastic life in Afghanistan but he left his wealthy lifestyle to make his son happy. "Peshawar was good for me, not for you." Baba sacrificed being the richest and most popular person to low class and hardly knows anyone when he came to America just to benefit his son. In addition, Baba also loses most of the friend he had in Afghanistan just for Amir. "He missed people milling in and out of his house ... missed greeting people who knew him and his father." Baba misses everything about Afghanistan. He misses being to most popular guy in Kabul and all of that was taken away for Amir. Baba sacrificed his final years of life to make his son happy.

Hassan getting raped, Amir framing Hassan, and Baba moving to America. These are just a few of many sacrifices in The Kite Runner. Everybody made some sort of sacrifice,but for some the reward was well worth the risk.


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