Collection Development Monthly Vol 4 | Issue 8 | september 2020

In This Issue...

  • Unit News Summer Wrap-Up, a Fond Farewell, and Upcoming Events
  • GOBI Tips for Selectors Spotlight Lists Aid Selection
  • Virtual Display Highlight September & Democracy
  • Collection Management Collection and Plan Review
  • Gov Docs Celebrate Constitution Week
  • Digital Commons New Home for Open Access Datasets and More

Collection Development in August

It was a productive summer for the members of the Collection Development Unit. Of note was the hard work accomplished in preparation for the beginning of the new fiscal year, including evaluating electronic resources licenses and cancellations, planning 2021 collection maintenance projects, budgeting library resources, and updating selector fund codes, GOBI user accounts, and liaison tools. We're ready for a successful 2020-2021 academic year.

Sadly, the Collection Development Unit bid Aajay Murphy a fond farewell this past month, though we know he'll be in his element in his new position.

We have many more training sessions and library events rolling out this Fall and Spring semester and we hope to see you there!


GOBI Tips for Selectors

Each month GOBI adds new Spotlight Lists, which are curated lists featuring librarian-recommended books. These lists are very helpful when you're getting familiar with a new subject area or are looking for a way to spend down your budget quickly.

New lists include:

1. Subject-Focused Lists:

  • Academic Essentials: Asian American Studies
  • Business Topics: Human Resources & Personnel Management
  • Data Science: Statistics
  • Education: Higher Education Administration & Leadership
  • Political Science & Government: Civil Service Ethics

2. Undergraduate Curriculum & Subject Sets:

  • Academic Subject Sets: Fall 2020 (all subjects)
After signing into your GOBI account, select Spotlight Lists in the blue bar. To see all the available lists, select Browse Spotlight Lists.
You can subscribe to the lists, but be aware that you may get a lot of emails from GOBI at one time!

​If you have any questions about Spotlight Lists or where to find lists for your selection areas, please let me know!


September Resources on Display

September's virtual display  is By the People: Explore Resources on Free Specch, Democracy, and Banned Books.


Collection Management

The Annual Plan for Monographs Management Project has been approved. We will weed three groups of collection, one for each semester. The involved undergraduate liaisons and the graduate librarian, as well as their supervisors, have been contacted.

We are also making progress in the reference collection weeding project. We have collected the collection reports and developed the weeding criteria. The review of the collection will start shortly.


Government Documents

Elizabeth and Sam spent made a libguide for Constitution Day! Check it out for cool activities like a Constitution quiz, government and democracy resources, voting information and more: https://libguides.kennesaw.edu/constitutionday

Constitution Day is September 17, 2020; in lieu of an in-person panel, Laurie organized a virtual panel from 12:30-1:30 pm that day on Zoom regarding the Constitution and Public Health! Link to join: https://tinyurl.com/KSUConstitution2020

Thanks to Jenni for helping us advertise, and everyone else who helped us get the word out!

This week, students can pick up their free pocket Constitution at circulation in Johnson and by G-12 in Sturgis.


Digital Commons

There's a new Home for Open Access Datasets in the Digital Commons! If you or someone you know needs a home for a dataset, perhaps to comply with grant regulations, look no further than digitalcommons.kennesaw.edu/datasets. Currently, you can find the Academic Librarian Burnout Dataset from Barbara, Ana, and Christina's research project but, with your help, soon there will be many more.

Goodbye Aajay. Aajay has left KSU but not our hearts. Please contact Heather with your Digital Commons needs going forward.

Save the Date: "Creation and Maintenance of SelectedWorks Profiles" CDU Training Seminar, Tues., Sept. 22 from 1-2pm


Happy (almost) Fall! 😌

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