Personal Values & Goals (Outcome 6)

All Values

I thought this first step was the easiest. The hardest part about this was that there were a lot of values, 83. Everything I felt I might want to prioritize I put into "very important" or important", otherwise it went in "not important". There was no number limit for the first two categories so I was a little stingy with the "not important" category. The overall trend for how I felt about this category was labels that related to the world and would involve strangers. I would say that I typically care less about how strangers judge or view me, especially if I feel like they are someone who I might not see again or who probably shouldn’t have much of an impact on my life. One of the exceptions to this was wealth. Yes, I guess that can go with how people view someone but it is a little different to me. I did not place it under the not important category because I want to be poor and have money issues, however I do not want to prioritize it as much as I feel most Americans do. I do not want to accrue much debt throughout my life because I feel that is one way which people get trapped into having to prioritize money and sometimes for the rest of their lives. I want to make however much money I make and be able to live within that amount. This is how I would plan not to focus on money and let it rule my life. As Chris LeDoux said, “They say [money is] the root of all evil, [it] brings lust, power, and greed, but this workin’ man’s dollar only buys the things a workin’ man really needs.”

Top 10 Values

Overall the very important category included spirituality, family, and personal well-being. Being that there were so many labels, many of them felt like repeats and, or sub-categories. Spirituality included relationship with God, relationships with people on Earth, and also characteristics or attributes that are commanded and recommended in the Bible. Family had less obvious connections yet a similar breakdown. Personal well-being included things like health, fitness, fun, activities, and happiness.

Top 5 Values Ranked

It got quite difficult to break down to the top 5 values. I felt that “spirituality” was a great label to include the whole religious aspect and the same for the label “family.” The other 3 I used personal well-being labels. My top 5 labels were as follows in ranking order 1-5: spirituality, family, health, fitness, and adventure. I am very comfortable with these as my top 5 values especially out of the 83 labels I was given.

Short-term Goals

Do good / better in school: I would like to have above a 3.0 GPA. That is more of a motivation and standard that would recognize that I am doing better in school. I care more about the process and feeling that I gave enough effort and worked hard. I believe I am smart enough and resourceful enough that if I do this, the grades should come out decent enough. The reason I don't even care to have a 4.0 is because I don't want to limit myself. I understand that you can get certain opportunities for having a higher GPA however, there is a lot more to college than school and grades. Even outside of activities for pleasure, there are lots of experiences in college that can help improve as a better overall person but also improve for life attributes. That's what interviews are for. People skills is one of these attributes and can provide even more opportunities than lots of resumes could. This kind of falls under the spirituality and family values. The Bible says to do everything to the best of your ability. Even if I don't dedicate everything to school, I can still try my hardest while I am working on schoolwork. Also my family would like me to do well and it would create less tension between my family because they want me to succeed.

Have Fun: I want to have fun in everything I do, especially here soon while I'm in school. I think that fun can help lead to happiness and that happiness is the biggest quality to success. I want to have awesome memories of fun times with the boys. Some with the girls of course to. Do some crazy, probably even stupid things, that I will look back and laugh about and tell my kids about and probably tell them not to do those things. The best way I can have fun will be to balance everything appropriately. Get enough school work done as a priority, then save some time for fun and social activities. This falls primarily under the adventure value.

Exercise and be Fit: To achieve this goal I need to be consistent with working out. I need to stay active in general. I can do that by doing most any activity especially outdoors. I also need to work in some real workouts (I like doing body weight workouts mostly) and exercises and running. I can go to Fike to do workouts, running, punching bag, swimming, and activities. I naturally do several activities every week here at school but that is only good for so much so I need to improve my commitment to working out. This clearly falls under the fitness and health values.

Join a Clemson Church I Like: I have started this process a little bit. I have gone to Cross Point a few times. I went a few times last semester but I think I have only gone once this semester. I have some friends that go to Cross Point. I am not always a real big fan of churches because I don't always trust them. There is one church near back home in Charlotte that I like and my family has started going there so I like going when I'm home. I think it could be good for me to go to church more consistently in Clemson though, especially since that is where I am a lot of the time. This would be connect to my spirituality value.

Long-term Goals

Join a Special Operations Force in the Military: I came to Clemson not knowing what I wanted to do with my life. I just wanted to be at Clemson and my Dad had suggested engineering might be good for me so that's what I figured I would do. First semester I messed up bad academically. My parents are paying for my college and it is out of state tuition. The only thing I really have to do is make fairly good grades. Probably midway or 3/4 of the way through first semester I realized that I don't want to have my parents pay $200,000 for my college and I also don't want to not be in control of where I go to school if I don't make the grades that my parents are alright with to keep paying for my out of state tuition. I do not want to leave Clemson and certainly not for any reason that isn't my decision. This time-frame is when I realized ROTC could be a good option for me and I could get scholarship from it. I decided I would look into it and probably do it. If I were to take scholarship, I would have to serve in the military after I graduate. This is not a turn off for me and I feel the military is kind of my type as in it is something I could do and potentially excel at. I realized that is what I want to do. I like to be excellent and if I were to commit a significant part of my life to military I would want to train my ass off for it and be the best I could be. In the military my life could be in more imminent danger a lot of the time so I would want to be prepared for as many situations as I could. I would want to be what I consider the most badass and impactful position I could be in the military that many people wouldn't be willing to do. Since the time I realized I wanted to go into the military, I have seen some documentaries, shows, movies, and done some research and I believe I would want to be a Navy SEAL. I know it is a movie, but "American Sniper" inspires me some for this. I am not certain I could or will be able to become a Navy Seal but I do want to be in some special operations force. To do this I would have to train a lot including working out, running, swimming, doing certain drills, and practice being in uncomfortable situations. I love this country and am very proud and grateful to be an American. I do get frustrated and disappointed with a lot of people in the US and am a little scared of the direction it appears to be heading, but it is still the greatest country in the world. I would be honored to serve it and do my part of what I can to protect it and try to keep it at #1 in the world.

Navy SEAL Trident

Live Somewhere with a Lot of Land Away from Big Cities: After the military I want to probably get a job maybe even in a city for a few years to get some money, for the experience, and to maybe find my wife. Then I would like to move somewhere far away from any big cities and have a lot of land. I think that this life is a lot more ideal than living a city life. I also do not like a lot of people in general. I would want to raise my family out there. I want to have horses and maybe other animals and I want to build things and build a house. I also would like to travel a lot at some point in my adult life if not throughout my adult life. I feel like this actually covers all of my top 5 values. I will of course just see where life takes me though.

General Reflection: This activity was kind of neat to actually think of specific values that we have, yet broad enough to summarize in one word. I think it is typically nice to write down goals and general life wants. This can help keep you motivated and on the right track to do what you want and love. Also it can help you discover yourself more and dig deep into your heart and mind. Sometimes it can bring out things you didn't know you wanted or never thought about before but you actually do want. I think it also can help hold you to things because if you write it down and or share it, it will be harder to give up on the goal or not do something you said you would.

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