Thailand Trek Week 2


Sawatdee! Welcome to our Thailand Trek! Join us as we travel for five weeks with Lutheran Hour Ministries to discover Jesus' love for the world.

Theme Song

Let's start to learn our Thailand Trek theme song!

religion in thailand

Many of the people in Thailand do not know God's amazing love. Instead, they believe in a religion called Buddhism. The video shows what a Buddhist temple looks like and how people act in the temple.

Mrs. Kayla and her friends outside the temple in the video. In college, Mrs. Kayla traveled to Thailand to help tell the people of Thailand about Jesus' amazing love.

Discuss: Why is being a Christian important to you?

Buddhism is very important to many people in Thailand. You can find Buddhist statues, temples, pictures, and customs everywhere. About 95 percent of people in Thailand are Buddhist. Buddhists believe that if they do enough good works then they will have a good future after they die.

Discuss: Does God care about good deeds?

God is love! Jesus is the one true God who saves! God cares more about people than about the good deeds we do. He wants a relationship with you. Even though we try to be good, we know that we can never do enough good deeds to earn our way to heaven. But God's love is so amazing that He sent His Son, Jesus, to earth to die for our sins. The Bible says: "God showed how much He loved us by sending His one and only Son into the world" (1 John 4:9).

Meet Ami and Nami

Let's see how two sisters in Thailand experience God's love.

Ami and Nami know the love of God. However, most kids don't know the love of God in Thailand. If you had 100 pennies representing the people of Thailand, only one of those pennies would be a Christian. The people of Thailand need to hear about God's love.

Discuss: What do you think it's like to be in an area of very few Christians? What would be hard about not knowing very many people who believe in God? Who helps you to follow God?

Maybe you can relate to feeling like not many people around you know about God. In those moments, one of the biggest things that can help is God's Word, the Bible. It tells us about how Jesus died and came alive again to save. If you were part of the 1 percent of Christians in Thailand, how would a Bible help you?

Elephant Banks

Throughout the coming weeks of our Thailand Trek, let's save our pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters to be sure that kids in Thailand can learn about Jesus. The money we save up will go to missionaries in Thailand who will help kids read and understand God's Word and know more about our loving God! You can bring your coins to Our Savior to be donated or give online via Lutheran Hour Ministries Gospel Adventures. Maybe we can help grow the 1 percent!

Let's make an elephant bank to save our coins in for our missionaries in Thailand, elephants are a big deal—sort of like their national animal.

Print and color. Cut the dark black lines and fold the red dotted lines.

Loving God, we are so thankful that you want a friendship with us. We’re so thankful that we have the chance to help Thai kids have your Word right in their hands, in a way that is meant just for them. We pray for those kids, that they’d be bold in their faith in you and that you’d show them how to show your love to everyone they see. In Jesus’ name, amen.

See you next time as we explore more of Thailand and God's love for the world!

Lesson Credit: Lutheran Hour Ministries Thailand Trek curriculum. https://www.gospeladventures.org/curriculumthailand2021.asp