Good Life Tour: Florida Museum of Natural History blake Strickland

Nature on Display

This turtle hatching exhibit particularly appealed to me, because I have actually witnessed a coastal hatching in Casey Key, FL. However, all that was visible were the baby turtles emerging from the sand; this display shows the layers of eggs and hatched bundles cooperatively burrowing to land, so they can proceed to head towards the moonlight and swim off. It is a wonderful event to experience! I learned of the phenomenal nature of baby turtles to recognize the moonlight, hence directing themselves towards the ocean. My time at the museum was gratifying, because I genuinely care for Earth's ecosystem and well-being. Yes, if you look in the reflection of the glass, you will see that I took this selfie with a laptop (my phone died mid-Butterfly Rainforest).

Nature and Ethics

seThe Florida Museum of Natural History helped me look into Leopold's insight on nature with a better appreciation. Unlike my visit to the Harn, my tour of FLMNH was done solo, so as I was walking I had a more vigorous impression of the exhibits. I felt very enriched by the liveliness of the natural displays and by the beauty of the Butterfly Rainforest; I could tell my peers did as well, because I had a few enlightening conversations about the displays. One gentleman pointed out a butterfly with reflective blue inner wings, which are rarely seen. After my trip to this museum, I hold truth to equality in the natural world, because all creatures were created in the image and likeness of God.

Nature and the Human Spirit

Upon entry to the FLMNH, you are evidently stepping out of the ordinary world. The initial thing to catch any visitor's eye would be this enormous mammoth fossil, which I was surely not expecting to see. The museum's extinct animal exhibits go to show the mystery of the natural world, because creatures that persist today appear much more vulnerable than does a mammoth or a mastodon. The indoor nature provides a sense of paradox that goes along nicely with the tons of missing information that scientists strive to discover. I genuinely hope that nature's mystery will carry on throughout generations to come.

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