Values-based Goal Setting


Narrowing Down My Top Ten Values

My Top Ten Values
Narrowing down my top ten values was a lot harder than I initially thought. I had to really sit down and decide which values truly touch my heart. I believe everyone in my top ten is super important to me and all of them will definitely affect all my major life decisions.
My Top 5 Values

My Top 5 Values Explained (Listed in no particular order)

  • World Peace. Achieving world peace is my biggest life goal. While almost everyone on earth will argue that it's impossible, I truly believe I can do it. I believe that humanity is truly good as a whole and does not want to fight for the rest of our existence. This is a huge deal for me and my life goals reflect that.
  • Challenge. Pushing myself to my limit is definitely a life goal. I want to tackle all the difficult tasks and problems in the world. To accomplish this I must succeed in every task and always seek out challenge in every aspect of my life.
  • Contribution. Being a good citizen and promoting the well-being of humanity easily makes the top of my list. My dream is for a whole planet of people putting others before themselves to achieve peace for every generation.
  • Justice. While a fair and equal society may seem like a pipe dream to some, to me it is a future I see completely possible. Everyone deserves to be treated equally and the world is moving towards justice for all.
  • Knowledge. I want to learn all I can so that I can better help the world. I have always believed knowledge is power, and I want to use that power to fix the world and ensure we do not make the mistakes of the past.
My Number One Value: World Peace

GOals Based ON Values

Youth Senator

Short-Term Goals

  • Get into politics. I really want to change the world through diplomacy. Getting involved with politics will definitely be a major key for this goal.
  • Contribute through charity. I want to give as much of my time to philanthropic efforts as I can in order to start a lifetime of giving.
  • Learn as much as possible. I want to start reading more and experiencing more in order to fill my life with as much knowledge as possible.
Speaking on C-SPAN

Long Term Goals

  • Becoming President. I believe that by becoming president I can influence the world enough to achieve World Peace.
  • Set a High Standard for the World. I believe that by setting a high standard for the world, everyone will follow suit and peace will come naturally.

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