Hockey Watch out for flying pucks


Did you know that Hockey is the only sport that the referees allow you to fight.Although hockey is a fun sport but sometimes it can be kind of on to find out about equipment,the NHL and the rinks.

The rink

one side to the other side of the rink is two hundred feet. There is usually four locker rooms because to for the two teams that's playing and two rooms for the two next teams there is always stands and a warm room for people to sit and be warm.Each goal post to another is seventy two inches the puck is one inche tall.They use spray paint to put the lines on the ile like the blue line, red line it's all used from spray paint .The rink is a very interesting place but let's move on to equipment.


There is a lot of equipment you have to wear in hockey and all of them cost a lot of money I will tell you the order of putting on the equipment.First you start off with the shin pads then you go to the socks then you put on pant my hockey pants are red then put on a chest protector. After you put on the higher half of your body but you then put on your skates after your skates you put on your elbow pads and your jersey after you put those on you are pretty much done you just need to put on your helmet and gloves and you're ready to go on the ice.


There is thirty teams in the NHL stands for national hockey league each team plays eighty one games in a season.Although eighty one does seem like a lot,it is just enough for the NHL to pick Which teams won the most games to go to the playoffs.My favorite team is the Boston bruins they did not make to playoffs in the last two years but i’m confident about this year.”It seems like the same teams every year go to the playoffs.”but that is only because they have great players.


So that is pretty much everything about Hockey from the rink to equipment to the NHL. And hey if you ever see a hockey rink rent some skates and get out there.


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