Riley Murphy Kempa Summer workshop

Hi my name is Riley Murphy and I’m a junior at Huntley High School! While I spend most of my time being a full time student, I also love taking photos, reading, reviewing books, and just playing with my two dogs. This year I’m going to be the Arts & Entertainment for our school’s newspaper, The Voice. I also hope to polish up some of my feature writing in order to really capture someone’s true story. Right now I’m at the Ketrle Morainne Press Assocaition (KEMPA) camp! It’s my second year attending and I’m loving every bit!

Trying to design a “snapshot” for this portfolio was not as easy as it looks! Being a newspaper editor, I usually design pages and spreads but having a face or someone in the picture makes it a little more complicated.

I had such a great time at the Bastille Festival! It was really interesting being able to interact with all the different artists while listening to great Music and eating amazing French food. Who needs a flight to Paris when you have Milwaukee?

Some more amazing pictures for Bastille fest!
The Mean Green Lima Beans coming for the win!

Church of the Gesu

Mother Teresa Statue

Today I was able to experiment with Knighlab and the many cool options they have to offer! Attached above is a map I made that’s a little tour of Marquette. The photos were really fun to take and I totally came up with a bunch of ideas on how our publication can utilize this amazing tool! I would highly encourage you to use this whenever you’re in a creative mood....maybe document a road trip?

Here’s just a short video of me talking about the things I’ve learned from KEMPA! It was truly an amazing experience and I hope to really implement them in my publication.

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