Affordable Care Act By: Sarah Young, Alycia nuneviller, laura lopez


People who didn't have health incurrence under the ACA sued the IRS. Citizens who had health incurrence could afford it and supported Obama care. People who could not afford it and did not support it. The people who could not afford the incurrence got their health cancelled. Marburg v. madison over role is to be moe confirmed.

Suprem court discision

John G Roberts held congress, did not delegate the authority to determine weather tax credits are available. Provide nation wide tax sides to help poor and middle class people by heath insurance. It was made to make it so that everyone can have heath insurance.

Effect of the laws of the country

It stuck around so the congress made it so the affordable act is legal. Although the heath insurance and Obama Care made it so people are getting less work, the work force was decreasing.

Effect on the culture of the country

7.5 million people federally facilitated states received premium tax credits. No sub sides available to the people.


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