Portfolio logan wade

Reflective Introduction

When I first got assigned this portfolio, I said "Okay cool, a smooth, well organized, easy-to-follow project that I have a whole semester to complete. Bet. I can have this done in a matter of weeks if I do it right." That was optimistic Logan at the beginning of his second semester of college. You see, I did not do so so well academically during my first semester. My poor academic progress landed me in CU1010 - not that it was a bad thing to be in the class. Now don't get me wrong, I was by no means neglecting my academic responsibilities. I was legitimately struggling with the classes I was taking. I now know that while I was asking for help in these classes, I was asking for it in all the wrong places. It took a whole project about changing myself for the better for me to realize my specific faults and take the necessary steps - or at least try to - to make myself the best me I could be. After completing the portfolio, I have come to a few conclusions. One conclusion being that I have a serious problem with procrastination. It is highly likely that I am rushing to type this before the deadline. I see and feel how the stress that accompanies procrastination effects my body and I really do not like the feeling. It actually amazes me that I continue doing this to myself. Another realization: I literally have more than enough time to complete the things that I need to complete, but my mentality is that my best work will come when I am rushed. I personally do believe that when I am on a time crunch, things get done more efficiently than if I had time to spare. While conducting most of these experiments, I really did enjoy myself. Just taking the initiative to try and change what has been habit since forever makes me feel more successful than when I actually completed a task. It is okay that everything did not necessarily go according to how I planned. I actually like it when things stray from the plan because it gives more of a realistic feel to the experiment. I now see where I am excelling and lacking academically, as well as socially. Given the results of this portfolio's experiments, I feel as though I am now more equipped to identify and correct everything that went wrong in some way or form. Overall, I am glad I actually took the time to complete this portfolio because I now feel as though I am more in touch with myself, my surroundings, and my professors (generally). I now feel even more motivated to make the changes that I could not or would not make while completing the project. I guess it was all just a mental thing. My thoughts and results are probably a mess throughout this whole presentation, but to whoever is reviewing this portfolio, do enjoy yourself and compare yourself to me. I hope you enjoy!

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