Roaring Twenties! By: Sam Sickles

In this I will show how I agree that the Roaring twenties was a time if change. I will show three different subject's to show my point, that the great country of America was indeed changed for the better and worse, but was changed.


"it was eating its way into the homes of the American workmen". This quote hits as hard as a batter swings at a baseball. At this time America as a country was changing, immigrants from all over were trickling in to our country and taking jobs from our citizens. At this point, this was when racism was not just about black and white. This is the time when restricting our borders was becoming such a big deal, this is when refugees were looked at in different ways.


"It is believed that less consumption of alcohol by the community would mean less poverty, less dependency, less pressure on our hospitals, asylums and jails." This quote is honestly a change in and of itself, They want alcohol gone, out, eliminated. Alcohol is a piece of all history, it is a money maker from the day it was created. America had thrived on alcohol for years, and trying to ban it is an obvious change. The ban on alcohol also didn't decrease but increase the amount of crime and illegal distribution of alcohol.

Women suffrage

"As long as the working women keeps her house clean and well tended she enjoys the high regard of her neighbor." This quote is about half of the argument, at this point women had no rights, women were looked at as the servant to the man and had been for thousands of years. People fought for the women to vote in an actual election. That in itself is a massive change, but most people over look things such as having jobs like the men and same wages. This is why I say that women suffrage was a time of great change in American history.

This cartoon is an example of how prohibition was a bad thing and how most men were against the movement. This cartoon shows how drinking is not harmful but how it is a satisfying pass time.

The other side

Though the 1920's was a time of change people would say t was not. There was indeed many types of change but things somewhat did go back to normal. Prohibition was lifted later on and so therefore alcohol was legal as it was before prohibition. The only real big change was that women got the rights they desired. Immigration hasn't really changed not even today, people still come over here from all over the world. So within a sense there was a return to normalcy


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