Population; its the 3rd most populated city in the united states

The most popular place in Chicago is " The Navy Park " it cost from $25-$30 dollars

" The Chicago Theater" is the second popular place people visit the tickets cost $80-$125

It cost $236 to get a hotel in Days Inn In Chicago

Their famous food is pizza they also eat a lot of pastries and they also eat a lot of Mexican food

People like to paint or draw in chicago

You can also go to the millennium park in downtown chicago and alot of people and kids go there to play or just walk around

When people wanna go somewhere far they use their cars or alot of people use the bus or people just walk because the stores / places are close to each other so you dont really need a car

In the winter there is alot of blizzards in chicago and most of the time the weather goes to the negatives

In the summer the weather doesent get very hot it gets to from the 75-98 dergees

The culture of Chicago, Illinois is known for the invention or significant advancement of several performing arts, including improvisational comedy, house music, blues, gospel, jazz,[1] and soul.[2]

The city is known for its Chicago School and Prairie School architecture. It continues to cultivate a strong tradition of classical music, popular music, dance, and performing arts, rooted in Western civilization, as well as other traditions carried forward by its African-American, Asian-American, European American, Hispanic American, and Native American citizens.

The city is additionally known for various popular culinary dishes, including deep-dish pizza, the Chicago-style hot dog and the Italian beef sandwich.

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