VERA Verified emission reduction association

The Ad Hoc Offsets Group, now known as VERA, was formed in the fall of 2016 with the intent to provide the real-world facts surrounding California’s current offset program under AB 32, and to ensure a continued role for offsets in a post-2020 California carbon reduction program. The group was formed from professionals working to achieve real emission reductions on behalf of the State of California—a state that stands at the forefront of emission reduction technologies and innovation, due in no small part to the vibrant carbon offset program it has created.

Compliance-grade offsets have proven to be a key policy mechanism that achieves numerous complementary and critical greenhouse gas policy goals. From equipment manufacturers producing advanced engineering and monitoring technologies to providers of robust verification services, offset programs are capable of creating jobs with specialized skills and local revenue—benefits that are strongly demonstrated by California's carbon reduction program.

This webpage was created to provide resources which can be used to highlight the benefits of offsets through easy to read facts and figures. Explore below.
VERA is made up of 10 offset developers focused on providing the State of California (and other regions exploring carbon pricing) additional, real, quantifiable, verifiable and enforceable greenhouse gas reductions.
VERA Partners: A-Gas; Bluesource; tradewater; The Climate Trust; ClimeCo; Vessels Carbon Solutions; 3Degrees; FiniteCarbon Corporation; and NewForests

VERA Contact: Jon Costantino jon@tradesmanadvisors.com


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