Should We Ban Plastic Bags? By Olivia Gibson

Have you ever been driving and happen to see a plastic bag flying down the road with you? Well that is what I’m here to talk to you about.When we go to the grocery store, we receive plastic bags to hold our things with.

over 10 million new plastic bags are used each day.
its even worse that these could end up in an animals mouth, choking them or even ending their lives.

Letting plastic bags have access to the animal population is killing at least 100,000 animals each year. You may not think that you are contributing to this, but you never know when a plastic bag could fly out of your trash can outside, or out of your shopping cart.

It seems like a normal thing to do, but did you know that each time you go to the grocery, you contribute to the trillion plastic bags used each year?

Also, the great demand for plastic bags causes very large amounts of oil to be used; about 60 to 100 million barrels of oil to be used every year! The amount of energy used to make 12 plastic bags is the same amount of energy used to drive a car for a mile!

The pollution that the process to make a plastic bag produces is unreasonable. There is lots of permanent damage done to the Earth by plastic bags being made and used, whereas the average plastic bag is only used for about 10 minutes
You might be wondering, what could we use to replace the plastic bags if we got rid of them? Well, even though paper bags would use trees, it eliminates the problem of ending up in landfills and oceans, because the bags are biodegradable! They might make their way into the landfills and oceans, but they will take around a month to biodegrade, but plastic bags can linger around for up to 1000 years! We shouldn't keep creating all these bags that have time to go around our earth filling up landfills and oceans.

Plastic bags don’t do anything good for us other than possibly provide an item to carry your groceries with, or hold a few things, so why not replace them with something that can do the exact same thing but is better for our earth; paper bags!

One plastic bag can kill over 100 dolphins, as it doesn't biodegrade for so long and it finds its way to other sea animals.

We can work on preventing plastic bags from causing all these issues by picking up the bags you see on the street, or re-using your plastic bags. You can also start buying reusable bags from your local store! Take Earths well being into your own hands and do what you can to help it!

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